Monday, October 24, 2011

It is Monday

What a week, what a wonderful week. I think I have pulled myself from the darkness. I did not like being in that place. I know why I was there and have to work on it.
I have been on my game this week. I have so been on my game that I had to:
Return a water bottle to the pet store because it was leaking. Not a big deal right. It is not unless the sales clerk told you that you were not feeling the water bottle up (I will say it took him twice to figure it out). I will not say that it took three water bottles to figure out that we were doing it wrong.
This week we started our envelope system for Dave Ramsey and I was determined to stick to it. That was until I went through the DEBIT/CREDIT line only at Sam’s and then refused to go in and pay cash at the gas station with 6 kids.
I am so on my game that when cleaning up my livingroom this morning I found a baby spoon from a friend that was at my house last week.
I am so together that this week I finally took my on line training for doing respite care. I just knew I would flunk and look like a fool. But guess what I made a 100%.
I am so on my game that one day last week I caught my teenager eating with a measuring spoon instead of a regular spoon because the dishwasher was not ran the night before.
I am curious are you on your game this week. Maybe more caffeine or sleep will help.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters">Miscellany Monday is a wonderful way to talk about your week.


Elena said...

I am a caffeine addict. And I had a bad week so........

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