Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I survived...

I survived my first outing with six children. I mean I have been to the store a hundred times and to the park and even to a friend’s house but never to a official event. So this is how the evening went. Please feel free to laugh at me. My husband is in the field so he was not available to help.
I left way to early like usual. I arrived at the church for boy scouts. Not just any Boy scouts but a court of honor. A court of honor where my son had a speaking part, a speaking part he was very nervous about. We set in the parked car for 20 minutes because as usual we are way too early. Finally Michael went in and a few minutes later he came back and said no one was there. So we went ahead and got everyone loaded into the van. Please understand this is 6 children (okay 5 children and a teen) and we parked on the street. I get everything together and realize I FORGOT THE DIAPER BAG. So I search the van and find a diaper (that is his size). Walk everyone in and the only casualty was one skinned knee. Which by the way I just remembered I never gave a band aid or cleaned it?
We walked in and the place was a ZOO, they were taking registration for all kinds of sports. I saw no one I knew so we called and asked if we should be in another part of the church. That is when it happened. THEY WERE NOT MEETING AT THE NORMAL LOCATION! My first thought was I am going to kill my son and husband for not being prepared. So we go back to the van and load everyone and head to the new place. This would not be an issue for someone who is from here but giving me directions is like talking to a brick wall. I found it and luckily they were close.
We arrived and guess what? THEY WERE MEETING OUTSIDE AND ONLY ABOUT 20 FEET FROM A PLAYGROUND! What? I do not have jackets and how can I expect them to get them to set quietly when they can hear other kids on the swing?
We unloaded the van; did I tell you we were bringing a box of popcorn? Got everyone to the picnic area. We honestly made it through the ceremony with little issues. Jerry got bored rather quickly but a boyscout came to the rescue and played with him. Towards the end another mom got him out of the stroller and played with him. Then I held him for about 20 minutes. I loved it, he babbled and talked. I keep saying I know he is 17 months old but I want to be close to him. He loves to be held and he comes out of his shell and babbles more. I think in some ways it would be therapeutic for him. Okay, back to the tonight.
What I learned tonight: don’t forget the diaper bag, did you hear do not forget the diaper bag, lollipops only keep children quiet for a couple of minutes (a couple of short minutes and then they are a sticky mess), pack jackets even when you do not think you need them? Do not promise your children ice cream because you do not know how cold it will be when you are done; make sure you know where your meeting is at. And finally go with the flow, be patient and most importantly smile and know that the babies you are worried about making noise will be grown before you know it. I have got to stop worrying about rather other people are looking at my blessings or worrying rather they are bothering other people.
So tell me how do you handle having your blessings in public? What do you expect of them? I have not had anyone complain about our children and actually hear lots of compliments but I always worry. It drives my husband batty.


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