Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace

Have you ever wanted something more than tell people. I have. I use to joke that I wanted a long visit to a hospital. You know someone to deliver food to your bedside. Time to read a book, watch all the latest movies. Yeah, guess what that is not what a hospital stay is really like. After the first week of laying flat on your back you have no brain. You do not even remember to write down who visited.
Six years, five weeks ago I was lying in bed trying to take a nap when my water broke. I instantly went to the hospital. They then told me my water had not broken but that I was urinating on myself. My response was ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A couple of hours later I was sent home and told to use depends and if it last more than a few days the doctor could put me on medicine. So I went home and sat on my couch with my legs crossed tightly because every time I moved I leaked fluid.

On Monday I went to the doctor. The doctor who got a phone call on Saturday night about me. He was told my tests were negative and I was okay. He took one look at me and said yes your water broke. I was admitted that night. I had no clue what I was in for. I was 26 weeks pregnant with three other kids at home.
Day after day I laid in that bed. I did not read books, I did not scrapbook. I just laid in bed. My brain was in a fog. That is what happens when you do nothing but lay around. My doctor came every day to check on me. He was amazing. He would tell me to continue to pray.
At 31 weeks there was no turning back and my precious baby girl entered the world. I did not hear a cry or even see her before they rushed her to the NICU. Later that afternoon my hero wheeled me down to see her. It seemed so weird that I was able to stand up for more than a few seconds.
I remember the first time I saw her. She was so tiny. They had put a little bow in her hair. Did you know K Y jelly dries hard like glue and is perfect for getting little hair bows to stick to a bald head? She was breathing on her own and doing well. She weighed 2 pounds 12 ounces. It was hard to not hold her or touch her.
That was one of the best days of my life. My precious baby girl Grace was born. She honestly is just as special to me today. Today she is a fun loving little girl. She loves to snuggle. She loves to play outside.
Today I say happy Birthday to my baby girl!


oma said...

happy birthday my little angel i love you gracie

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Grace! What a beautiful girl!

annette smith said...

I love her name, Happy Birthday to her! I too often dream about a hospital stay just for the rest. But your points are well taken, its not as we would dream of is it?

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