Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. I want __to be a better wife, I struggle daily and my hero deserves so much more than I give him_______________ .
2. I have _a amazing husband who loves me even when I do not know how to love myself. ________________ .
3. I wish _my friends who have not accepted Christ would know how much better there life would be if they knew Christ. ________________ .
4. I hope _my hero comes home for the weekend. I have missed him and need a hug________________ .
5. I wonder _if they will ever come up with a fix for my eye issue so I will be able to see properly.________________ .

This was a fun link up, if you would like to join in head over to wife of a sailor.


Wife of a Sailor said...

I hope he comes home, too!

Jamie@ HandlingWithGrace said...

I hope he is able to come home too!  Have a great weekend!

Almalthompson said...

Love your answer for #2! So true and I'm so thankful for my hubby too! Have a fab weekend!

Jenilee Goodwin said...

thanks for visiting my blog today! It's nice to meet you :)

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