Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feeling Beachie

1. I never wear _high heels__ and I don’t know why
2. In the winter I always keep the house really cool at night and sleep under a ton of blankets__
3. When I _move to a new town__, I miss _my friends and church__
4. I love the way _my children make me __ feel.


Tami McCoy said...

I never wear high heels either but I know why - they hurt!

Susi K said...

I never wear high heels because than I'd be taller than the hubby and I just can't run in them. I'd hate to break an ankle running after the kiddos!!!! :) 

Sidne said...

I use to wear me some HEELS, loved them. after the fourth and last child the heels come and go like a blue moon.

Hilary Rick Grossman said...

I always wear high heels to work.  A few months back, my boss came to my house, and I went to hug him hello, and I was in socks... He was dumbfounded because he thought I shrunk!

Arlene said...

I remember doing the same thing in the winter!  It felt nice to be under all those blankets.  Now I live in South Florida, and all the blankets have become obsolete!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Jennifer @ Just Another Day said...

I love sleeping with tons of blankets!! Unfortunately my husband is like a human space heater so it doesn't always work, but when it does it's heavenly!!

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