Sunday, April 15, 2012


This week I took the kids swimming. I wish I could go more often. The pool is indoors with a zero depth entry. I refuse to go unless I have help with the little kids. I walked laps while the big kids played. At one point I saw Grace holding her little skirt up in the air and it made me nervous. I am telling you finding a decent swimsuit for my little girls can become a full time job.


Leslie P Jackson said...

The WalMart here has swimsuits that look like tshirts and shorts.  That what I get my daughter.

Diane said...

Taking kids swimming IS a lot of work, isn't it!? Sounds like you got a decent workout in, too.

I think decent clothes for young girls is hard to find all around. Especially dresses. I remember walking out of MANY stores when my daughter was around 10 years old, not being able to find one that didn't look "suggestive." I think things have gotten a little bit better since then,(the days when "bare midriffs" were the in thing). Cute pics!

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