Friday, April 13, 2012

Kimochis review

Have you heard of Kimochis? I was so excited for the opportunity to review their product. I have six children and each of them have their own personality. They each have their own fears and feelings. Some of my children are not old enough to explain their feelings. Some of them have speech delays and are not about to communicate how they feel.
Kimochis means feelings in Japenese. We received two, Lovey dove and Huggtopus. Each animal comes with little circle friends. They have a face on one side and a word on the opposite side. For example you may have an angry face and on the backside it says angry. This is an awesome way to teach little ones to express their feelings. We have had our animals for a month and they are still in beautiful shape which lets me know they are well put together.
Thank you Kimochis for giving my children a product that helps them explain how they feel.
Jason was the first to play with it and of course he had to play with flatdaddy.


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