Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Crazy Weekend

What a weekend. Let me start by telling you the weekend I had planned.. My big boys had a camping trip with scouts so I had a girls weekend planned. Friday night I was going out with friends for the first time in MONTHS. You know dinner, dessert and a movie where I did not have to share my popcorn or take anyone else to the bathroom. Then Saturday morning I was taking the kids to a friends while I took my big girl out for a day of shopping and movies and pedicures. Then Saturday night I would come home and order pizza for dinner before putting kids in bed and taking a LONG bath (I have not taken a bath in over a year because honestly I did not fit in my bathtub). Then the best part I got to go to bed alone. I know it sounds weird but I LOVE sleeping alone. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect weekend. So after reading this how do you think my weekend went. Let me start with Friday. I decided we were going to take a mini spring break because I have appointments all day on Monday and Tuesday and one on Friday. So Friday morning we got up and cleaned. I mean like mopped floors and cleaned bathrooms and put away ALL the laundry. I was determined to come home to a clean house so I could relax this weekend. I also knew we had a 10:30 appointment so starting school for a couple of hours seemed silly. We left the house at 10:30 and had lunch with dad. That is the first time in MONTHS that we have had a family dinner out. Then my husband took part of the group to a appointment and I took part roller skating. Okay we are at noon and everything is still going great. Roller skating went great. Well except for the fact that they forgot to put out wet paint signs and I got red paint all over my favorite (and only dress that fits me). Things went so well that I let the kids get a treat on the way out. Three of them even got blue slushies. Just so you know that was a BAD idea. We came home just about 20 minutes before my sitter walked in. I gave her instructions for the night. Sounds great so far right. I went to dinner with a friend at a place I had never eaten at and it was amazing. Then we went to the movies and I got a large popcorn and ate most of it. During the movie I noticed that the sitter called twice. So I texted to ask if everything was okay. She assured me it was. Except it was messing. Apparently Jason had gotten sick twice and the baby had a blow out diaper. Honestly, I thought maybe the baby had too much apple juice and that Jason got upset about something. He has a habit of making himself upchuck when he gets mad. So I came home. To find wet spots on the carpet and blue slushie on his bedroom carpet. Let me just say the sitter really did do a great job at cleaning up but blue slushie does not come out. Everyone was in bed and I thought things were okay. So I skipped the bath and went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I heard the noise. The noise that makes every mother jump and run. So the baby got sick and then he slept through the night. I went back to bed and slept great until 5am. When the baby woke up with full blown stomach bug. Jason woke up back to himself. By 10am both boys were perfect. So I spent the day doing laundry and making bread and resting. I was honestly looking forward to my husband coming home because stomach bug clean up is his job and he does not have a weak stomach. He called at 6 to say he was on his way home. Only he was not coming home to help me clean up. He was sick. He did stop and pick up reinforcements for me. So he came home and went straight to bed. Things were okay, he is a big boy and can take care of himself. And I went to bed, well really I went to the couch because I am not getting near someone who is sick. Well at 11pm the big boy text me from his room to say he is sick. As crazy as it sounds he has been the hardest to take care of. He was up until 5am sick and telling me. I am glad my big strong boy still needs his mommy. But honestly I was not very sympathetic because I do not want to be near that sickness. So for now all the boys have been sick and the girls are happy and healthy. So what do you think should I take the girls and run to a hotel for a few days. Pamela


Tam said...

((Pam)) Sounds like our weekend last week. I am praying everyone gets and stays healthy. I am with you on the sick stuff, Officer Safety always handled that way better than I could. Hang in there, girl!

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