Sunday, March 3, 2013

Laundry mishaps

Can I ask you another question? I know I ask alot of questions. Who does the laundry in your house? My ten year old currently is on laundry duty. Sadly it is not always a good thing. Recently she washed a 30 year old stuffed doll. The doll exploded in the washer. It clogged the washer up twice before we fixed it. In the mean time our laundry piled up and piled up. I am finally caught up. Well by the time you read this I could be hidden under piles of dirty laundry again. People often ask how we keep up with laundry. We do laundry every day. At least one load but most days we do 2 loads. I wash bed linen on as needed basis. We are trying to get better about washing it more often. Not a issue for the youngest 3. My issue is not washing it but folding it and putting it away. It may set on the couch for a couple of days waiting on me to fold it or I fold it but then we never get around to putting it away. We are getting better about it. In my dream home I would have a girls closet and a boys closet. This house is seriously lacking closet space. Pamela


Jennifer Smith said...

My husband did when we first got married but now I do it. :)

Anij34 said...

Here's how we do it with 7 kiddos and 2 adults. We wash by room. I wash mine/hubbsters together, baby's laundry is done separately and then I start the laundry for the girls room but they switch it and fold/put away. Same with the other two bedrooms...I start it and they switch fold/put away. All in all we have about 8 loads a week on average...sometimes more.

mark said...

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