Sunday, March 17, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I am so excited to start posting my menu. I am hoping it will keep me more accountable. When I do not have it planned out than I eat out more which is not good for our budget or my waist line. Monday Breakfast- cereal and fruit Lunch-sandwiches, grilled chicken, salad Dinner- turkey brats and chips Snacks-rice cakes and bananas Tuesday- Breakfast-oatmeal Lunch- hotdogs Dinner- salad for those at home and the rest of us eat at Bible Studay Snacks- grapes and carrots Wednesday Breakfast- egg burritos Lunch-pizza rolls, carrots Dinner- breakfast food (I am cooking for church and we are having fruit, eggs, pancakes) Snacks- grapes, carrots, rice cakes Thursday- Breakfast- cereal Lunch-sandwiches‘-probably grilled cheese with pepperoni Dinner- chicken breast with baked potatoes Snacks-cheese sticks and carrots Friday- Breakfast- eggs and toast Lunch- pizza, carrots Dinner-hot dogs for kids, and a nice restaurant for me when I go out with friends. Snacks- hard boiled eggs I am not going to plan anything for Saturday because it will be leftovers and clean out the fridge. Pamela Don't forget about my awesome give away going on this week. You can enter right here.


Jennifer Smith said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for the week. :)

Lindsie said...

Hey tell me to buy my machine tommorow!!!!

Elizabeth ⚓ said...

OK, I'm sorry, WHAT? GRILLED CHEESE WITH PEPPERONI??? Why did I never, ever think of that? No lie, I crave pizza something terrible and think I could make a mean grilled cheese with mozzarella and pepperoni and maybe have sauce to either spread on before or dip it in. Seriously, my life is changed! Thanks so much for linking up, girl!

Jane said...

Posting my menu planning definitely helps me be accountable. Your menu looks great. I totally agree with Elizabeth, how have I never thought of a grilled cheese with pepperoni? That sounds delicious!

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