Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eating Out

Eating out is always crazy expensive. I love eating out but man can it destroy a budget. One of our favorite places to eat on post is the hospital cafeteria. We only go when we have an appointment. The price is AMAZING. This week we had a 7:45am appointment. I got there before 7am so we decided we would have breakfast. Take a look at the amount of food we bought and then look at the total. Maybe we should start eating there every day. We do try to be cautious when we eat out. I do not buy kids meals but adult meals and split them. I try to go places that offer something for the kids to do and rolls. Logan’s is great because they can set and eat peanuts until the food arrives, the rolls are to die for and then no one eats an entire meal. I have also learned to dine in. This means I get a good steak or fish dinner but did not spend half the grocery budget. And typically we have leftovers for the next day. Pamela


paperblessings said...

Always a favorite of places taht have pre-dinner goodies like rolls or chips and salsa, etc.--the leftover lunch the next day! :) What a fabulous deal you got at the caf!

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