Friday, October 5, 2018

Young Love

Jacob thinks he is in love, this girl met all of his requirements. She is a girl and she is taller than her siblings. There is only one problem. This girl has a boyfriend. Did I mention that she is almost six times his age. So he did what he has been taught. He went to the girls father. He wanted to make sure that he knew his daughter had a boyfriend. Since Jacob is not old enough to have a girlfriend he believes that she should just wait for him. Luckily the dad was nice to him and even told him he could kick the boyfriend if her made his daughter cry. Watching him talk to this dad both made me smile and wonder what the future will hold with this boy.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

My Quiet Place

Where is your happy place? Do you have a place in your home that is relaxing and helps your nerves calm down. Where do you go to have a quiet phone call? For me it is my porch. I want to buy a big couch set to go on the porch but have not found one in the price range I like. I love sitting on the porch and being able to see the goats and chickens. I love watching the kids ride bikes in the driveway. I love to see the sunset and have time with God. I love that when my children need a quiet place they go to the porch. This week Grace took Jacob onto the porch to do phonics with him. It worked perfectly because he was away from anyone that could be a distraction to him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Rotten and Stinky Boys

This child, this sweet, smart, rotten child. He keeps me laughing. He runs until he is so tired that he cannot even drag himself up the stairs to bed. Recently he sat with me on the porch while I snuggled a baby goat. It is not normal for me to become attached to our baby goats because I know they will leave. But I had a bad day. So I sat on the porch snuggling this little baby goat. I told the goat that he needs to stop being cute. I told the goat that I do not keep boys because they become rotten and they begin to stink. That I will not keep a stinky boy goat on our little farm. I honestly forgot that my precious boy was on the porch with me. All of the sudden he got a sad look on his face. Almost a scared look. He looked up at me with those beautiful eyes that could control the world and said "mom, when I become a stinky boy will you get rid of me". I tried really hard not to laugh at him. I reminded him that I love him even when he is rotten and stinky.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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