Saturday, February 28, 2009

father daughter banquet

This was such a special night, Hope woke up this morning and said "guess what today is the father daughter banquet" she was so excited. Yesturday I went to burlington Coat factory and found matching dresses for the girls. So we took Grace just long enough to have pictures taken, then DH took her to a friends. I wish I could figure out how to put pictures on here so I could type what they were. The theme this year was western, most girls dressed in blue jean and cowboy boots and some still dressed up. Dinner was pulled pork and beans and cold slaw and everyone brought desserts. Hope decided she did not want the barbaque and had a pickle sandwhich, yes a pickle sandwhich. All of the acts were perfect and so sweet, I loved watching DH dance with the girls, especially to Cinderella. Some how the girls even convinced Dh to wear his class A's. He would never wear it for me. Faith did a puppet show with the other girls in her troop. I can not wait to get the pictures they took and if i can figure it out I will attach the video of DH dancing with the girls.



faith has been in heritage girls since kindergarten and this is hope's first year. They both love it, I like to say heritage girls is a Christian form of girl scouts. They focus on family things and Christ much more. There motto is very simple
I promise to:
Love God, Cherish my Family, Honor my Country, And serve in my community. Hope just got done doing a service project. They collected small stuffed animals and we took them to the police station to be put in 991 (as the girls said over and over, instead of 911). They collected several bags and a couple of boxes and I know we already have another bag here waiting to go. Faith has been studying puppetry and etiquette. Let me tell you NO ONE is putting there elbows on the table around here.

vacation starts in 7.5 hours-prayer request

The van is loaded, the kids are dressed in clothes they can sleep in and get right in the van. The DVD player is set for recording school. My dear neighbor, friend, person who is always there for me, the person who is there for everyone all the time but does not get allot of credit for it has been briefed on how to change DVD's and what to do about the dog. I do not know what we would do without her. I do not know why she is so nice to me. I will have to think of something special to do for her when I get back.
We did decide last minute that we needed to add another small backpack of meds for grace and her breathing treatment machine. Please pray that she is not getting sick. especially since I had 2 different friends watch her today. She has had a cough for a few days but I did not think much about it. now she sounds horse, rob thinks that may from being around hay at the father daughter banquet but I do not know. either way we probably should take a half empty suitcase for things we buy.
okay, the kids movies are packed, I even got my first letter sent out to my pen pal today. WOOO HOOO, I hope it sounded okay.
I am probably not going to get the laundry put away like I wanted but I can do it when we get home.
We plan on leaving at 5am. so I better go get the kids in bed and push dh to get in bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The month of the Dog

We love our dogs but this is a big month with them, I would love to take a current picture but my camera is not working this morning.
We took all the animals in for shots last week. Yesterday Curly went in to be bathed and groomed. This morning our big dog blue is going in to be neutered. This is hard and i hope someone can help. Blue is leaving our home soon. When we move we will not have a fence and therefor can not have Blue. Blue has some aggression issues and i would not recommend he goes to a house with kids. My kids are not happy about this and honestly i am a little sad myself. But i know we are making the right choice. We will be taking him to the ARK. This is a no kill shelter. I just hope they can find him a good home. okay here is curly after the groomer, i would never dare post a pre picture because that would be too embarrassing. I love how he is trying to get under the chair to avoid letting us taking his picture.

The Chocolate Crocodile

Yesturday we had a field trip to the Chocolate Crocodile. Should i admitt i almost forgot about it. The kids had a good time and were well behaved. Okay on to the pictures.
Can anyone tell me what the pictures are about, my kids would never make this face in a chocolate store, i have trained them better.
it was some type of bitter chocolate, i have to admitt, i was gagging on the taste.
i did get lots of ideas on things i want to try. so look forward to lots of pictures of chocolate creations.

Monday, February 23, 2009

not me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
okay so not me Monday will be short
i did not buy my girls and even my boy matching clothes for vacation because i know it will be easier to remember if i have them all
i did not call a neighbor when grace made her mess in Tuesday because i did not want to be alone laughing at her
i did not then take pictures of her mess and then do it the next day with the next mess, while she shook her head and begged me not to
i did not hear my 6 year old say "crap and idiot" this week, i am a much better parent and teach my kids better
i did not hear my precious 3 year old say "hate" this week
i did not clean out my closet yesterday and get rid of or pack up 50% of my clothes because i have gained so much weight, not me because i know i am healthier and happier when i am much lighter
i did not let my 3 year old take a shower with me this morning because i wanted to know where she was, not me because a good mother would get up before her kids and shower
i did not arrange for the dog to be dropped off at the groomer at a time i knew only DH could take him because i knew they would fuss at me
i did not take my daughter to the salon to watch me get a pedicure, she is three and a good mother would not torture her like that
i most definitely did not wake my pre teen up at 6am because i knew he needed to finish cleaning his room and then i did not let him bribe me into letting him sleep for another hour after his room was clean so i could nap
oh and i would never do this, i would never make a roast for dinner and be so proud of myself and then convince dh to pick up KFC because i did not want roast
oh and because of mcmamma i did not pull out my calender and count what day of my cycle i am on to see if i could be pregnant, surely i know my body better and am keeping track of these things
i did not after reading the word elderly lady on line remember that i was not wearing my glasses and badly needed them.
i did not stay home Saturday while DH took the older kids fishing with another family and use the baby napping as a excuse just because i wanted a few minutes of quiet time, a real mom would want to do family activities
i am sure there are many more not me things i would like to remember
oh and the big mess of the week was not made after a neighbors son knocked on the door to tell me he saw my 3 year old on the counter, not me because i would always have walked in there and made sure to distract her with something new to do before she was able to make a bigger mess.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My week at a glance

What a crazy week we are going to have. I am trying to get caught up on things like laundry now so that it will go smoother.
is the normal back to school and chores day, then Michael has a Dr appointment and then curly goes to the groomer and i know we are going to be screamed at for not bringing him earlier

drop blue off at 7am to be neutered and then Faith and Hope have speech and then a double length of piano and then pick up blue and then rob and Michael have boy scouts

van goes back in the shop to get new rods put on
hope has a 8am dental appointment
We have Awannas
seems like something else i can not remember
help Michael shop for camp out for boy scouts, he is the cook and has to buy all the food and have it organized
need to take van in to have tires rotated and everything checked

co-op 8-12:30
heritage girls 3-4pm
me getting a pedicure
rob will load everything and make sure it is packed for the camp out

rob and Michael leave for a boy scout camp out
the girls and i will do laundry
normal school and clean up

pack for trip,
clean house really well
rob and Michael come home
unload camping stuff and wash what is dirty
get girls ready for father daughter banquet that night
come home and load van
go to bed

leave early and i mean like 3 or 4 for Disney
i also need to print directions, make a itinerary for the week, make sure we have the dogs and my taping for school covered. keep up with school and the house.
so needless to say i am trying to keep laundry and things caught up because if i do that then everything else is easy to do and I love packing so that is not a issue if the laundry is done.

UGGGGGGGGGG, car dealerships

We took the van in for a weird noise and they said they had to order the parts but that we needed new brakes on our van we have had less than a year. Dh says he will do it, instead of paying the almost $300. So he gets the brakes and is out putting them on, he comes in upset and wants to show me something. He asked me to look at the new brake and the old and tell him which was new and which was old. I of course got them backwards. I thought the new ones look worse than the old ones. He says our brakes look GREAT and he was right, I can not believe they said i need new brakes when I no where near did. The bad part is we still have to take our van back to these people on Tuesday to do the repair work covered under our warranty. YUCK, I am glad I have a husband to handle this one. We will still need to have the tires rotated this week. Another thing that is weird but that will get it's own post.

The reason I chose to have a blog

Are you grateful for your friends. Three years ago I would say talking to friends on line is crazy and dangerous. Then we had Grace and I went on a search for preemie information. I joined a preemie group that gave me more information than I could use and I know I could still ask questions and find answers. I wish I could remember when but at some point a dear friend invited me to join a Yahoo group she was on. If I remember right everyone knew everyone. The group is for women who strive to be better moms and wives. We pray together and encourage each other. The group has grown and shrunk, has been very active and not so active, have had people join and people leave. In all we have 11 ladies. I say all of this to say that these ladies mean the world to me. This morning one of the ladies who I have become quite close to came on line and we had a good morning counseling session. How wonderful to start the day this way. So what does this have to do with the title. A dear friend encouraged me to start a blog and after reading several of hers i was inspired. I wish you could all know this lady but for now she will be a mystery (she will die when she reads this). I can not wait until she has time to teach me how to do all the fun things she does.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Welcome to my first blog. Please be patient with me as learn the ropes and decide how public i want my blog. I would like to use this blog as a journal. To remember all those things I forget that happened. I am open for suggestions on what you like or dislike about how blogs are done adn where you get your ideas.

another day another mess

Another day another mess. Have you ever heard Thank God it's Friday, I can not tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. Let me tell you about my day. I slept in until almost 6am. Then at 7am I got the kids up and we took the van to the shop. Rushed home because i realized I only had 15 minutes before a friend was picking up things to drop off at church for me.

We were in the middle of doing chores when i heard Hope scream for me. I was vacuuming. You will never believe what i found. Grace had walked past me without me knowing it carrying a new LARGE thing of oatmeal. she then went into her already cleaned room and layed blankets down and poured the oatmeal out and was playing with it like it was sand.

the first picture is of her saying NO MOMMY DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE. we did get it cleaned up. how can i be mad when she is so cute and has told me all day, i not make a mess mommy and as i type she is setting next to me calling me her honey and saying she is my mommy, i always call my kids honey.
The rest of the morning went much better. we finished our chores and even got all of our school done. i spent alot of time on line talking to a dear friend. when rob got home we went to pick up our van that had not been fixed. they have to order a part. i even managed to get a roast in the crock pot this afternoon. but guess what we did not eat it, i did not think it was done so i made mash potatoes and mac-n-cheese and we picked up KFC.

Grace's mess

One of the reasons i wanted to start a blog is to remember all the things that happen. So let's get startd Tuesday night i was on chatting on line with a friend when a friends son knocked on the door to tell me that my 3 year old was climbing on my kitchen cabinets. I had the blinds open. So i yelled for her to get down. Several minutes later I hear her pouring something. What was that noise, surely not water because she had already been told to not get back in the water. it was milk. She was trying to make cold tea, her new drink of choice. How do you make cold tea, let me give you the reciepe:

1 bottle new A1 sauce

1 Dora yogurt

1 fruit 2O

800 count jumbo toothpicks

Alot of powedered sugar spread all across the kitchen

a galloon of milk

total cost: about $10

worth every penny for the pictures

Do you think she earned her lesson, we shall see, I will say she did have to clean most of it up by herself and by looking at the pictures you can tell she is not happy.
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