Friday, May 31, 2013

Feeling Beachie

1. If I don’t _buy toilet paper__ then _no one will and we will be using baby wipes (if I bought them)____ 2. I wish _we had a 12 passenger van_____but then again _I enjoy the luxury of my suburban____ 3. _Life and appointments______ is challenging for me. 4. I would say I am “computer _kindergartener___” because __I seriously cannot reminder how to do anything from day to day. ____ Pamela

5 Question Friday

1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating? Oh man this is hard. I do not see any reason for kids to date in high school. They are not old enough to get married. I would prefer they wait. Wait to give pieces of their heart away until they can give it to the person they want to spend their life with. That way they go into marriage without as many expectations and hurt. 2. Do you think your kids should have summer homework? We have friends in public school whose kids have a ton of homework during the summer. I understand a few reading books to keep their mind sharp. But seriously when do kids get to be kids and just relax. One day they are going to work all summer so let them run and play and stay up late. Now this is going to sound hypocritical but my kids work all summer. But that is because we work year round and take off when we want. So if we want to take off today to run to the beach then we can. Or when this new blessing comes we can take off. 3. Would you prefer to live without AC or heat? This is hard; I would say I could give up central heat. Because you can always start a fire or snuggle under blankets. I love snuggling under blankets. 4. What the worst thing about staying in a hotel? (Besides not being with your family) I actually LOVE staying in hotels even with 6 kids. I love the free breakfast, I love the big beds, and I love coming back to my room with a bed freshly made. Okay I dislike the pillows. I love my pillows. I am also kind of creped out about wondering if the sheets and blankets were really cleaned before I used them. 5. So, do your kids really get "104 days of summer vacation"? OOPS, already answered that one. They do not, we takes during the year, maybe weeks if dad is on vacation. I am not a heat person so who wants to be off when the kids just want to stay in front of video games because it is too hot to be outside. Pamela

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Two friends with so many cupcakes, how will they control the desire to just eat a couple cupcakes or even a hundred cupcakes. These girls crack me up. Pamela

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our First Gun-Duck purchase.

When my husband and I were newly married he did not own guns. He had never really talked about guns. One night I came home, it was the night before Easter. Our Godson was there which was weird. So I walked in the door and saw a huge Easter basket but he kept telling me that my gift was hidden. So I kept looking and looking. Finally I heard a quack coming from the bathroom. My husband had bought me a chicken. The crazy thing is that we lived on a chicken farm so having a pet duck was not encouraged. Why would he buy me a duck you may ask, because when I walked out of the bathroom there was a HUGE, CRAZY BIG gun setting in the livingroom. I had no idea what to think. This man cracks me up and knows how to suck up. So now I just want to know why I do not get such a fun gift every time he buys a new gun. I should bring that up with him. I say he owes me about 100 baby something’s. Okay, maybe not 100 but close. Pamela

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We have Superhero's, Do you!

Do you need a superhero? We have a few around our house. They make me feel safe and secure.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling Beachie

1. One of my best and worst traits is that I _is that I have low self esteem, it makes me cautious of other peoples feelings but also makes me super sensitive_____ 2. If I could escape for a day, I’d _go get a massage and mani and pedi, then check into a hotel with a hot tub in the room and room service and a good book. Oh man this sounds amazing____ 3. The best part of _vacation__ is _coming home to a clean house because I always clean up before I leave. ____ 4. When I was young I thought __my mom was a nut, it was nothing to come home on Friday after school and find her doing cart wheels down the middle of the street. Okay not often but enough to know it would be a good weekend. _____. Pamela

5 Question Friday

1. Do you wake before the alarm or stay in bed until the last possible second? I am normally up before the kids although recently I have been laying in bed until I hear movement. One of my favorite things is to wake before the kids and sneak in there rooms and pray. 2. Who should get a baby shower? Is it just the first baby or all babies? I saw this on face book and had to think about it. Honestly since this is my seventh baby I do not expect a shower. I think it has a lot to do with how many kids the person has in what order. This is our first baby boy in 16 years, our first infant in 7 years so we are starting from scratch. It amazes me how much you need. I have found a ton at yard sales and already been gifted with several items. I am so excited to dress this little one. 3. How will you spend Memorial Day? Kind of feels strange saying because I try not to talk about what we are doing before we do it. I will say there will be lots of dancing and swimming and eating out. So excited 4. Do you have a Storm/Hurricane/Tornado/Fire plan for your kids, house..? We have talked about it a bunch but I think we need to get back to practicing it. 5. What is your favorite morning drink? It use to be a nice cold mountain dew. Now it is a HUGE glass of water with my thyroid medicine. Pamela

Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miscellany Monday

This week we were able to pick our first raspberry. I do not think we will get very more this year. This week we spent plenty of time dealing with boo boo's. On Sunday my son fell over his handle bars and tore up his hand and leg and arms. That required a trip to the ER the next day. All is well and this is why we always wear our helmets After my son having a bike wreck my daughter tripped over her bike. Luckily dad was right there. I drove to pick her up and the dog thought she should be able to ride home to. This week is going to be a calmer week for us. But a wonderful weekend. I cannot wait to tell you about it. Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Pregnancy Journal

I have to say I have felt great this week. I have realized that I can no longer do my big grocery shopping. Well I can but I cannot push the cart. I have a ton more pressure when I lift something or push something heavier than I am allowed. This week I went to Hobby Lobby with only one kid. When he got out of the van I realized that I could not pick him up to put him in the cart. I am thrilled to say he did awesome. I guess it is time to start training him. He said the cart was for the new baby. I am pretty sure this little blessing has had the hiccups a few times. I do not remember having it with the others but so cute. Feels like little bubbles only in one spot. This week we saw the perintologist and high risk OB and everything looks good. I will see them again in 2 weeks. Pamela
My Joy-Filled Life

Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Question Friday

1. Do you have a doppelgänger? Thanks for the new spelling word. I had to look that one up. I do think I do. If I could be someone’s I would want to look more like Reba McEntire, actually this week my husband almost had me convinced to get a short hair cut like hers. I have always wanted to try it but am scared of the daily up keep. I am a wash and go kind of girl. 2. Do you keep your car cleaned up? Oh yeah, every time we get out and open the door things just fall out. It is bad, so so bad. We clean it out all the time but seriously you could live out of the thing for a month and still have everything you need. 3. What is a current fashion that drives you crazy. People who have there belly hanging out. Makes me up chuck in my mouth a little. There is not a excuse. I have been/am over weight so do not tell me you cannot find clothes, do not tell me you can’t afford it when I see what your shopping cart is full of in the store. I do not even like it on pregnant mommas. So please everyone for my upset stomach cover your belly. I heard a great phrase recently. They said when I see someone walking around in there underwear it just reminds me that they have not showered today. 4. How often do you go grocery shopping? Big shopping twice a month, then it seems like I have to go back a couple more times. I try hard not to go back because I know it is like handing over another $100. I also shop for church a few times a week. I try to shop at the same time. Yesterday I went shopping for church and for my home, 3 plus carts later and we were done. 5. What has been the best surprise of your life? Hmm, I cannot remember a time when I was surprised. Maybe the time after my husband and I remolded our kitchen by ourselves and then on my last trip to Lowe’s my husband calls and says that we are moving. I thought he was lying. SERIOUSLY! Two ovens and you think I am leaving my kitchen. To say a few tears were shed is a understatement. Pamela

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. I can really use __a drama free day______ right now. 2. I like to _fold __ my _laundry while my husband takes the kids on a walk in the evening.____ 3. The color of the sky right now is __blue/gray. It looks like it is going to rain but it is not forecasted. ____ 4. I get annoyed __when people smoke in public (especially at playgrounds) because it is not my fault you have a smoking addiction and I should not be punished with poor lungs and stink because you cannot control yourselves. I understand it is a addition, I just ask that you keep your addition away from my asthmatic daughter. _______ Pamela

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Skating 101

We have started skating twice a month with a home school group. This time I took both boys. I did not expect James would skate. I knew I was not skating and did not want one of the big kids to be responsible for him. After we had been there about a hour he started talking to the man who gave out shoes. The guy took it as he wanted shoes and gave them to him. What was a mom to do. So I let him skate. Really it is more like stomping around. He did great, he walked around. And my concern about the big kids not having responsibility was silly because these girls love taking care of him. The hardest part of the day was convincing him that he had to leave the skates. I love our yard but I wish we had a flat area in the front to ride skateboards and roller skates. Pamela

Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Question Friday

1. What's the one personal hygiene thing you will not do in front of your spouse? Everything, I am really weird. I do not want to hear about his either. Married almost 18 years and I still rarely brush my teeth in front of him 2. What's your favorite thing about a newborn? How they need you and how just being in there arms makes them feel safe and loved. How wiggly their skin is? How they make all these adorable little faces? 3. When is "too young" to have a Facebook account? 18, I know I am crazy but seriously too much drama on facebook. I would say if they are involved in a bunch of activities then you have a joint account and they see that you are on their constantly and the first time they question you on checking it you delete it. 4. What are your hoping for for Mother's Day? Nothing, I know what he is getting me. My husband asked me while we were walking into a store if I would want a bracelet. I said honey I do not really wear jewelry. So I am sure that means I am getting a bracelet. Besides the fact I called him yesterday and he was leaving that same store from shopping. Oh wait, the question was what you are hoping for. To sleep in, to go to church, to have a massage, for my children to say or do something that makes me feel like more than a servant. I know I am a crab about it. 5. What was the best field trip you ever took in school? It is funny I had to think about it. I do not remember many field trips; I wonder how that is possible. I am sure we went on field trips. I remember a wonderful trip to Washington after my junior year. I do not remember much of the trip but remember all of the friends and the fun they were. Man, these questions do not make me sound very positive but I promise I am in a great mood. Pamela

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. If _there was not chickens to eat__ then I would starve, seriously could eat it daily. __ 2. _Lunch time___ is my favorite time ___ of the day because my kids laugh and play together to avoid getting back to school. 3. Once, I was surprised to find myself _standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror praying. Seriously, I just needed to pray about something as I was getting out of the shower and it took several minutes to realize I was praying while naked. 4. To keep from going crazy, I _stay in the van while my husband brings the kids in, it gives me 3 minutes of quiet and when I get in the house everyone is calmed back down________. Pamela

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

M&M cookies

I love pinterest. I love all the new recipes. I have tried some great ones and some that turned out scary. This has to be one of my favorites. I have probably made 25 different chocolate chip cookie recipes. This one is probably my favorite. I tripled the recipe. I took some to church some for my family and then I froze some for later. Speaking of which, I think I need to pull them out today. I found the recipe at Picky-Palate. I use regular m&m's because I could not find mini ones. If you can find them and want to send me some I will be forever thankful. I think it is the vanilla pudding that makes the difference. So what is your favorite recipe on pinterest right now?

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Our garden. It has been several years since we had a real garden. We had a small one a couple of years ago but did not keep up with it. I am hoping we do well with this one. We planted carrots, green beans, corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, melons, pumpkins, watermelons and several types of lettuce. The strawberries and tomatoes have already started growing. We also let Grace plant wild flowers and sun flowers out front. If you have ever canned food I would love to hear how you did it and what you canned. Do your kids help with the garden or is it your personal project. We had all the kids help but really it was Grace who stayed by dad both days helping. Pamela

Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Question Friday

1. What is your next home improvement goal? Closets need organized and one needs more shelving. The next one is we need to put up chicken wire around our garden. I know nothing fancy but it is a rental. 2. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? No religious texts (ie Bible, Quran, Torah, etc, etc)... Anything on the Amish, I do not know why but it is relaxing to me. 3. What is on top of your refrigerator? My Polish Pottery cookie jars, the ones I do not use and do not want broken. I also keep a little blue Tupperware container that I keep candy in. How the kids have never noticed and ate the candy is beyond me. 4. What are your favorite or most used phone apps? My banking APP, the weather App (because you know the weather can change 10 times a day) and face book messenger. OH WAIT! In the middle of the night it is Netflix. 5. What's the one thing you hate most about your spouses job? Oh no, you do not want to get me started. The deployments, feeling like you have no control over your life. The fact that he can not take a sick day or vacation day any time he wants. Then there are the good/bad. The amount of vacation days/not being able to use them when I want them or the insurance that pays for everything/the insurance that noone accepts. Pamela

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. Sometimes I wonder _if I will ever be able to take a shower alone____ yet. 2. I try not to but I get_annoyed__ every__time my children leave a mess for me to come home to. __ 3. Today I promise that I will __eat more fruit___________ until I _wake up and decide I really need some carbs with a side of chocolate for breakfast___ 4. In my dreams I _lay on the beach without getting sunburned___ and sometimes _I remember that 10 minutes in the sun and I am beyond burned____________. Pamela

How to Homeschool Multiple Age Groups

I often wonder how large families homeschool different ages and grades. I have found this hard over the last couple of years. I am learning some ways to help. First, I keep activities for the little boys that are only allowed during school hours. Second, devotions use to be a issue, how do you ask a 2 year old to sit still. I have realized that I do not expect him to just sit there. So the last several days I have him stand in front of me and I hold his hand. Notice there is there is no pressure in my hand. He thinks he is getting special attention and I can never get tired of holding his precious hand. Third I realized a long time ago that school can be done all over the house (you know HOMEschool). My ten year old struggles with getting upset easily and distracted easily. I have learned that holding a animal helps. Today I had her just pick up a book and copy words out of it. I looked over and she was using her toes to hold a book open. I think it is a constant goal to do as much as I can together and give everyone a minute or two of my attention a day even if they do not think they need it. Pamela
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