Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our First Gun-Duck purchase.

When my husband and I were newly married he did not own guns. He had never really talked about guns. One night I came home, it was the night before Easter. Our Godson was there which was weird. So I walked in the door and saw a huge Easter basket but he kept telling me that my gift was hidden. So I kept looking and looking. Finally I heard a quack coming from the bathroom. My husband had bought me a chicken. The crazy thing is that we lived on a chicken farm so having a pet duck was not encouraged. Why would he buy me a duck you may ask, because when I walked out of the bathroom there was a HUGE, CRAZY BIG gun setting in the livingroom. I had no idea what to think. This man cracks me up and knows how to suck up. So now I just want to know why I do not get such a fun gift every time he buys a new gun. I should bring that up with him. I say he owes me about 100 baby something’s. Okay, maybe not 100 but close. Pamela


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