Saturday, May 11, 2013

Skating 101

We have started skating twice a month with a home school group. This time I took both boys. I did not expect James would skate. I knew I was not skating and did not want one of the big kids to be responsible for him. After we had been there about a hour he started talking to the man who gave out shoes. The guy took it as he wanted shoes and gave them to him. What was a mom to do. So I let him skate. Really it is more like stomping around. He did great, he walked around. And my concern about the big kids not having responsibility was silly because these girls love taking care of him. The hardest part of the day was convincing him that he had to leave the skates. I love our yard but I wish we had a flat area in the front to ride skateboards and roller skates. Pamela


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