Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update pictures

I took a picture of Rob's stomach today. I have to be honest and say I am nervous because he it looks like it has closed up alot during the day. I mean the outside looks like it has closed and that is not good. Rob said his stomach is very sore tonight but not right by the incision. He admitts he probably overly did it today. I added to the picture to the previous post that is marked graphic. Just scroll down and you will find it, I think it was last Saturday or Sunday. I also am trying to twitter about all that is going on with life, not just Rob. It is kinda fun because I can be in the other room and Rob gets the twitter on his phone and laughs or writes back. I just wish you could see all that he writes back.

The perfect Sunday

Today has been a good day so far. I woke up and layed in bed talking to Rob. Then I did a quick run through of the house. The nurse came and changed Rob's dressing, she said I did a good job. I was worried that I had not packed it up deep enough. It was so neat because Grace stood at our door and watched what the nurse was doing and then when she was done Grace came in and listened to his heart. I think that was great because she has not been herself the last couple of days and I really think it is because there have been so many changes recently. After the nurse left the girls and I went to church. I called Rob on the way home to check on him. He said he was just setting down. He had been in the backyard putting the dog in the pin so Michael could mow the grass. I was furious to say the least because he is a big dog and he jumps. We had already discussed me putting the dog up. It is funny because I have to be cautious that I am not treating Rob like a child. But on the other hand I have to make sure he is not going to hurt himself. We had subs for lunch and then everyone layed down. It was wonderful, Rob and I layed on the couch and he slept. It has been a long time since we have done this together. When Rob woke up we went outside and I planted our tomato plants. They are on the front porch so we can all watch them grow. A friend called me from KY today, it was so nice to hear from her. And so nice to know that people are praying for Robert. He is such a strong man and it kills me to see him not being able to do everything he loves. I think the nurse broke his heart today. She told him that he could NOT go fishing, because when you flip your arm it uses your stomach muscles. I felt bad for him. He is out walking again with Michael now. I am hoping this time together will bring them closer. I will be turning in his paperwork to his work tomorrow so they can put him off for the first 30 days. Please pray that this goes smoothly.The girls and I are going back to church tonight. They are so excited because they will be practicing for a musical. They always practiced on Sunday nights at out old church and we did Awana's on Wednesdays so they always missed out. That is not a complaint, our old churched offered great things for the kids, I just wanted them in Awanas. R

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I did it!!!!!!!!!

We survived and did not get sick. I am worried I did not do a good job. We will see when the nurse comes in the morning. Rob said and I would agree she did not wet the gauze as much this morning and it made it stick a little. Hopefully it will be better tommorrow. We did accomplish this to the sounds of Michael and Faith arguing over reading abilities. And Grace crying. When I was done there was a little piece of clean unused gauze left in the saline so I poured both into the toilet before washing my hands. A few minutes later Hope went to the bathroom and came out holding the gauze. Her remark was "look what someone left in the toilet, I had to stick my hand in there to get it out". Can someone tell me how to keep things clean when Hope is sticking her hand in the toilet. Or even worse, do you remember what she did with the soap dispenser the other day. The kids are in bed now and we are counting minutes until we can get in bed. Thank you for all of your prayers, I have been dreading this evening all day.
What's for dinner at your house?
faith is eating carrots with ketchup
grace is eating pickles with ranch dressing. Who taught these kids how to eat.

Saturday Update

We are home and resting. It was wonderful to have Rob here and know that he was safe. I did not like him being in the hospital by himself. I got up this morning and straightened up and just in time. The home health care lady was here before 9. She was so nice and answered all of our questions over and over. She did something else that was neat, painful but neat. She measured his wounds. His stomach is 7 cm long 1cm wide and 2 deep. His leg was 4 cm wide, 2 cm long and 2.5 cm deep. She said they will measure it once a week but do not be alarmed if there is a hugs change one week and no change the next. She was very nice and was able to get on post easily. She will b back in the morning. She told him to take lots of zinc and eat lots protein. So we went and got zinc and protein. As soon as the lady left Rob and Michael took a walk around the block. Then Rob and I went to the PX. It is going to take alot to keep this man down. The plans are to relax the rest of the day. I will do my first dressing change this evening. I am feeling better about it but sure could use your prayers. I was almost sick several times this morning. I love these pictures. Can you believe they give men throw away boxers so they can still be modest before surgery, I was jealous. Thank you so much for everyone who has called. Thank you for the friend who kept the girls for a couple of hours this morning for no reason.


Friday, May 29, 2009

rob is home

We are home and everyone is doing well. it is nice to have everyone home together. I will update more tomorrow

Being Truthful

My friend and I talk about how we are not totally honest. Not that we lie but if you look at my blog it looks like everything is happy as can be. So for right now I am going to tell you I am struggling. I have been on the phone all morning with Fox trying to get everything squared away for Rob. I guess we were wrong to take him to the doctor everyday last weekend. He is a soldier and they need permission. This is insurance not his boss. Then appearantly I am going to have to pay for all of his supplies when he gets home. This makes me mad because his on post doctor can not see him daily to change dressings. They also can not supply the materials needed. Part of me understands this and the other part of me is angry. Maybe because I DO NOT want to be doing his dressing changes myself. I did watch today and I honestly broke down after the nurse left. I have a very strong husband and he would never complain about pain. But man I am sticking stuff in his leg, deep into his leg and it is yucky and what if i do it too hard or do not put enough in it. What if I do not have the supplies I need, what if I do not do it well enough or something is not clean enough. What if I get sick. The what if's are crazy and I need to get over it.
Okay, while I have a few minutes I am going to get off the computer and set here and talk to my husband and be grateful that we have time alone. I wish I would have brought some candles. We could of had a romantic cafeteria meal together. Thank you for all your prayers.
I have messed up my computer and so I do not have internet at home. So this will be brief. Rob is doing well. He will be coming home this morning once infection control comes in. I have to tell you I am counting the minutes until he is our house and I can watch him. But the thought of changing his packing scares me. Not just how gross it is but the pain part, the infection part and the gross part. Home health will come out once a day to do it. Please continue to pray for us, pray that he will be able to rest when he gets home. Pray that I will be able to turn his paperwork in for work and pick up his meds and get groceries and get whatever else we need today. Thank you so much angela for keeping my children today so I do not have to worry about them. Thank you to all of the people from our home church who have called and visited, you have made us feel loved.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer Request

That Rob will continue to heal
That Rob will be able to keep food down
That the children will be able to understand what is going on
That they will get home health schedualed twice a day, they said they would but someone said last night (not a nurse) that they really will only let them come once a day, I had a complete break down after that
That I will be able to take care of Rob and help him in the best way
That I will be able to figure out how to turn his paper work in for school, how to get the paper work done for him to be off work, that I will be able to set everything done correctly without stressing Rob about it
That Rob will be at peace about all that is going on
That he will be able to handle his dressing change with managed pain control
That I will not totally loose it or have a attitude in dealing with details
That we will be able to keep Grace away from Rob and keep her safe.

Thankful Thursdays

I spent allot of time thinking about this post last night, i want to be thankful and i truelly have lots of things to be thankful for
thankful for a God that i can depend on to not give me more than i can handle
thankful that we got to a the surgeon on time
thankful that Rob only needed 2 surgeries
thankful that we have great medical insurance and we will NOT pay one penny
that i have such wonderful friends who have called constantly and offered to help
thankful that my friend who has many blessings of her own and another on the way has kept my girls for two days and been overly sweet to them
thankful that the hospital has let me stay with my husband as much as a i can
thankful that my husband is trusting me enough to take care of the details and not let him do it
thankful that my son has been handling this well and was able to talk to me about some of his fears last night
thank that we have technology like twitter and blogs and internet to get those prayer request out
thankful that we have friends who will send out updates and prayer request
thankful that I KNOW we are here for a reason and while I know it hurts Rob that he is not leaving next week, I am at total peace with it

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rob update after surgery

The Surgeon (Dr. Winters) came in and with a big smile on her face said that he did great. That he looked better than she expected. That what was flaming red yesturday is pink today. There was no more infection. So the plan is to let him rest today and then tomorrow they will try dressing change with oral pain meds and if he can handle it then he can go home tomorrow night. With a home health nurse coming twice a day to change bandages. She did say it may take up to 6 weeks to have it healed up properly.
She said he could get up and move as much as he wants but not to over do it. She reminded me that it takes a long time for these things to heal and it is a slow process.
I am waiting on the dr to come into consultation room, if surgery went well he will go home with home health twice a day tomorrow

rob 6:30am wednesday

Today is Wednesday, right? I just got to the hospital and all by myself I was able to set up Rob's laptop. Have I told you how much I love his laptop. He is resting now and hopefully will continue. He did wake up a minute ago long enough to say "be careful there is a speed limit on that keyboard". So oviously he is not sleeping soundly. The plan is just to relax this morning and then they will take him back into surgery at 11:30am. I will try to keep updated through twitter. You can see it by scrolling down and looking on the right side.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rob 10pm update

I wish I had some of those cute pictures I had to show you. Rob is hopefully resting now. We left him after pain meds and something to help him not be sick. The surgeon spoke to me in great detail after surgery and said that it is staph and It has been there a long time. The goal is to go back in tomorrow at 11:30am and put him to sleep and re do the clean out process to make sure they got it all. If they did , then we start the recovery and healing process. If they did not they will take him back to the OR a third day. She said infectious control has been called and will help decide what to do next.

Robert does not know this but she also told me that once she can tell he is healing and sends him home he will still be on antibiotics through a IV for three weeks. He now knows he will not be going to school and is not happy about this. I truly beIieve that God put us in Huntsville for a reason. And if we need to stay here longer than planned than we will. If this means we will not be able to move to Fort Knox this fall I will be sad but again I know that there is a reason. This is very hard on Rob because he has worked very hard for this promotion and deserves it more than anyone I know. He will still be able to go to school but not now. Please pray for his understanding of this. Please pray for healing, and that he would allow himself to do this slowly. He was telling me tonight that he heals quickly and he will be better soon. I pray he does not rush this process.

My friend has the girls until at least tomorrow night and Michael is with me. Please pray for the friend who is keeping my girls. She is a wonderful lady but she has several blessings of her own and is growing a new blessing.

I will be updating through Twitter tomorrow which is on our blog as I can tomorrow. And if I can figure out how to get the pictures off my phone I would love to show pictures of Rob in pre-op.
They just took him back
Rob is in pre op now
Rob did not tell me but the infection has moved all the way up into his pelvis area
At the surgery center, they will do it at 6pm
Taking rob to surgery, may admit for a few dayx

Monday, May 25, 2009

Farmers market

On the way home from the Doctor we stopped at the farmers market. There was not much there and you can tell by the lack of vendors where Faith is standing. They said they have had so much rain that nothing is growing. We were able to get some corn and a tomato and lettuce, we also bought grapes and the man let the girls try them out before buying them. We bought honey but as you can tell by the picture it did not make it in the house. The poor honey got so close before Grace dropped it, $8 worth of honey on our porch. I love the farmers market. We did buy a couple of tomato plants and we will plant them later today. They even gave us ocra because it was not looking it's best.

Monday update

We went back to Urgent Care this morning. We were not there long. I took the girls in with me for first time. I took school work and honestly it was not bad. They said it is not looking better so they gave him a new script. it is something he is already on but a higher dose. they also told him to continue with his second antibiotic at home plus they gave him his FOURTH Rocephin (I have no clue how to spell that). The new plan is to keep it wrapped tightly with a ace bandage, keep the drain in. apply heat to help pull everything out. they were able to get alot of yuck today. he will go back again in the morning to have the same thing done. they did talk to indectious control today. He was on doxycycline(vibramycin) 100mg 2x daily and co-trimoxazole (septra) ds 160/800 2x daily, plus the shot they give him daily. as of today they have him taking sulfmeth/trimeth DS (bactrim 800/160mg) 2 pills 2x daily and doxycycline. plus he is taking loratab for pain. I will update again in the morning. He did take another picture today and I may try to post it later. To me it looks worse today because all the bruises have come out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


He had a new Doctor who was very nice and gentle. She said from looking at her notes it looks better. she re packed it, and added a ace bandage to the wrap. she also gave him another another antibiotic shot. remember he is already on two at home. she told him to apply heat and to stay off of it. He will go back tomorrow for the same thing

WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURE BELOWHe went back to urgent care this morning. .

May 4, 2000 update, the little black dot on his leg is where his original drain was, I can not believe how fast it healed up, I thought the dr had cut on top of it but she cut next to it.

The end to a great evening

I just spent the last 30 minutes rocking Hope. I think that is most I have been relaxed in weeks. It was nice to be able to talk to her about nothing. I always tell her how special she is because she is the only one with red hair and freckles like her mommy. But tonight I told her even if she did not have red hair and freckles that I would love her just the same. Because she is Hope and Hope is special because God made her that way.
If you know me, then you know in my heart of hearts I want a dozen kids. Obviously that is not happening. But then there are tonight’s when I wonder if I am giving them all they need. It was time for bed and Hope climbed up in my lap. We spent the next 30 minutes singing together and talking about what she wants her day to be like. She said dad would take all the kids but her camping and she and I would
1. make breakfast
2. go horseback riding
3. eat apples and other healthy stuff
4. play in faiths make up
5. sneak in Michael’s room and play with his toys
6. clean up the house
7. straighten the pictures because they are not right (she is so her mothers daughter)
8. Vacuum
9. make food
10. read books
Just her and I. could talk and sing all day together. I wish I could give her that day. Last year for Faith’s birthday she wanted a night in a hotel with just me. I love that they want to spend time with me alone. I only wish I took the time to do things with them alone more often. I would like to say the excuse is that I do not have time but I do. I could take just one to the store instead of going by myself. We could walk laps around the outside of the house together. Both Michael and faith say we do not let them talk. I honestly think faith picked it up from Michael. So I need to make a point of letting them talk for no reason sometimes. So when I need them to just obey without talking they know there is a time when they are allowed and a time when it is not okay. And you know what? Sometimes they say the best things when they are just talking for no reason. Sometimes I just need to go in Michael’s room and listen to him talk even when I know it is going to be about a computer game because otherwise that line of communication gets broken. I have learned that every morning no matter how busy I am that Grace is going to wake up and come into the living room and crawl into my lap and snuggle with me. I know when she does this every morning we have things to talk about. First, I ask her how she slept and she says good. Then she asks me when the baby will be here. It will be so sad when we do not have the baby anymore. Then we talk about what ever is going on in the day. I still love to touch her little nose and rub her little legs.
Today I took Grace to the store with me. I did not want her to bother Rob. In the short few minutes it took us to get there she asked a lot of important questions. Mommy, when is Lori coming back (our neighbor 2 doors away who moved less than 2 weeks ago) she is not coming back I told her. Mommy, did Lori take her cats. Yes, Grace. Then she said, will we take our cat when we move. Yes grace. Then we drove around the corner and she said mommy, where is Mrs. Patti, she moved off post. Did mrs. Patti take her dog. Yes Grace. Will we take our dog. Yes we will take curly but Blue is going to a new family. Oh will blue come back to us, no grace. I honestly can not imagine what this poor child is thinking. Her Lori moved, Patti moved and she does not understand but next week her daddy is leaving and within a few weeks from that the baby she looks forward to seeing each morning is moving. I know I am rambling now but I just want you to take time to listen to your kids. Even if it is while you are cooking a meal. Listen to how they play. I learn so much about what my kids think when they are playing. Hope and Grace play mommy all the time and when they do there is always a cell phone in there hands. When Hope plays she always has several babies she is juggling on her hip or in a car seat. She even lets me babysit sometimes. And man can she pack a diaper bag. I listen to Michael even when it is hard and believe me he really wants to talk about one thing so it is hard. I also listen when he is in his room or in another room ranting about how bad his life is and what rotten parents he has. Speaking of listening. I think sometimes we get so caught up in rather our kids are doing what is right and wrong we forget to admit to them that we are human. One day last week Michael was mad at me, I mean like teenager my life sucks and everything you do is to make me mad, mad. And I could tell he was not going to get over it for a long time. Part of his anger was understandable but it was not worth all he was putting into it. I was frustrated and he was frustrated. I honestly did not know what to do or say. So I went into the kitchen, set down beside him and took his hands. I held his hands firmly so he could not move away and I prayed. I prayed that prayer I knew I needed to be praying daily but have not been. So while I held his hands I prayed and asked for understanding for both of us, I admitted how lazy I have been, I admitted that I had done things wrong with him and too him. I asked for help for me, I asked for help with him. This was one of those blubbering, crying kind of prayers where you just lay it all out there. At one point I felt his hands relax and that touched me. Then a few minutes later I felt his head on my shoulder and I completely lost it. I continued to pray with him for him, for me, for us as parents. When I was done we spent a long time talking. Not about games or school or the things he had done wrong but about the man I know he is, about the parent I want to be. About how important our relationship is. About how important his relationships with his sisters are. That the words we say today and apologize for saying are still there tomorrow. I felt so much better after our talk. I felt exhausted the rest of the day but I knew that it was important that we get to the heart of some issues. Now the goal is not to go so long between talking to him. We are so busy with life that we forget that our our kids are not a business and they are not employees to obey without question. Yes they need to know to obey but sometimes we need to explain why we want them to obey, they do not have to agree but they need to know. And this is something I really want to work on with my kids. They are growing up so fast.
Okay I need to close and decide if I am going to move hope from the love seat into her bed or let her sleep there. She will wake up thinking we had a sleep over if I let her sleep in here. I am sleeping on the couch because I do not want to hit Rob’s leg.

Old McDonald's

Rob had to go back to Urgent Care this morning so I took the kids to Old Mcdonald's. I always thought it was called Mcdonalds but yesturday when we were at goodwill Grace found a kids meal toy and was upset because it was not at old mcdonalds. So this morning while Rob was at the doctor I took the kids to Mcdonalds to play and eat breakfast. Grace was so sad because there was a big picture of Old McDonald (Ronald McDonald) with farm animals and chicken nuggets. She was so upset that they were not surving french fries yet. I know the picture of Michael's feet is silly but I can not believe my babies feet is as big as his dad's feet.

A treat from some wonderful ladies

Last Monday was our last mom's night and it was wonderful. I was given a extra blessing. The women had collected money for robin and I to think us for helping out with co-op. I was given a card to the local mall. So we decided to go to the book store and walk around the mall. I have been wanting a Bible cover that would also hold my notebook. With my gift card I got my Bible Cover and then a lap pillow to put my laptop on. It is really neat because it also has a big clip board on one side.
We decided to stop and get ice cream at Maggie Moo's. The girls loved watching them mix ice cream. Our goal was to walk around the mall several times but it started raining. I know it sounds silly but the girls were so excited because Rob would take them downstairs.
I have to say the best part of the evening was when Hope noticed Rob's muscles. She was so cute and so very excited.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My husband is sick

I know it sounds silly but life is not the same when your hero is not himself. My heart was breaking for him today because I knew he was in pain and there was nothing I could do for him. Please pray for him. To me his leg is not looking better.
Please pray that I will know how to support him over the next week. If he is not back to normal he will not be going to school and that could change everything when and where we move.
Rob is in bed with Grace napping in the floor next to him. The girls are finishing up there chores. Michael is working on HIS blog. I kept telling him no but then I realized it is great for spelling and typing. I will make it private in a couple of days. Now I just have to keep him interested in it. You can check it out by clicking on his picture. He does not have chat, but look at his music selection. He does not know much about facebook or myspace so please do not encourage it.
Robs leg looks worse, they re packed it Ouch and double ouch, he has to come back tomorrow to havd it redone again. Please continue to pray, he should leave for school in 9 days. He did finally allow them to give him meds, please pray he can rest and heal.

Friday, May 22, 2009

robert is sick

He got bit by a spider last Saturday and it has gotten painful over the week. Yesterday it was golf ball size and buy this morning it was baseball size. He tried to go to the dr this morning but they could not get him in. so I took him to urgent care. They gave him a antibiotic shot and put a drain in his leg until tomorrow. Then he will get another shot tomorrow. plus they sent him home on 2 antibiotics. Please pray for him; almost his entire upper leg is swollen and red. he is suppose to leave in 10 days for school but he can not go if he is not 100%.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who peed in the soap dispenser

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, who me? yes you, couldn't be. then who? I so which this was the story of my day but it is not. The song should go something like this. Who urinated in the soap dispenser, who me? yes you (thinking it would be the only boy in the house) couldn't be. Then who? Who did such a gross horrible thing in the house that bodily functions are not talked about. My precious little six year old. This is how it happened, well we all know how it happend. But this is how I found out.
Hope to mom- showing me the bottle of yellow soap- mom, someone pee'd in the soap
me to hope- no hope it was green soap someone must have mixed it with water making it yellow
hope to me- no mommy it is pee
me to hope- no one would do that give it to me
me- ooh this is warm
me- smelling it like a dummy- OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
me- pour it out IN THE TOILET and wash your hands
20 minutes pass with no one admitting it
okay we all assume it is the boy but if you know my boy you know he would never do that

me to all the kids-okay if you admit it I will not be mad but if no one admits it then dad will pick up the urine and have it tested to see whose it is

hope to us- okay, okay, okay it was me
me to hope- why would you do that, who would do that
hope to us- because I wanted to see if you would wash your hands with it.
I say all this to say if you are coming to my house, you better smell the soap before using it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Last 20 minutes

What did I do in the last 20 minutes? I cracked 7 good eggs; I cracked a rotten egg into the 7 good eggs. YUCK, GAG!!! I called a friend to say how did you tell me to check if an egg is bad, and I wish I would have listened sooner. Then I tried to mix 4 cake mixes with my mixer and had to pour it into a bigger bowl not made for my mixer. Then after pouring it into the pan I realized the bottom had not mixed well and had to put it back in the bowl and then clean out the pan. Then clean all of it up. Then I put the mix back in the pan after mixing it well and put the pan in the oven. Unload and load dishwasher. Then wipe off counters and wipe out sink while talking to another friend. Now the cake is in the oven, the kids are settled and I am going to set and rock the baby. And in 20 minutes I will pull the cake out of the oven.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

laughter lives Tuesday

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.
I do not know how my name got listed as number one on laughter lives this week because I had not planned on doing it, but as soon I saw it I thought I better.
If you read my Not me Monday you know my life has constant laughter.
Like Saturday when Hope told a customer at our yard sale that she was hungry but we had not made enough money to buy food.

Or how yesturday Hope was so excited that our little dog now gives hugs. I almost died when she should me. Let me just say he was one happy dog. I would never think a dog would start doing that when they were 6 years old. I about had a heart attack when she then told me he gets a red spot when he hugs her.
My kids love to talk and they love to tell everyone everything. Like when the newspaper was interviewing my son to talk about his math tutor and he tells her that his mom makes him do chores and school work for 18 hours a day.
Have I ever told you about how on the day I was to be given a award I decided to cut my own hair, only when I set down from recieving my award my friend said, did you cut your hair. I had cut it two different lengths in the back and I mean my left side was about 4 inches longer than my right side.

Monday, May 18, 2009

update to not me monday

So I decided to bake this morning for our ladies night. I realized I had 2 bags of caramel chips. So my friend suggested caramel brownies. The reciepe is on all reciepes which is one of my favorite sites.
Here is the problem, my brain is not working today. I really wonder if I need new batteries. First I decided I should double the reciepe, which you can do on the site. No problem printed it out and got to work. Only in my brain I thought okay doubling it means 2 cake mixes and since you have to divide it and I hate dividing I thought this would be easy because now I would just make one mix for the bottom and one for the top. The only problem is, I put all the ingredients into the bowl for two cake mixes instead of one. I did not realize what I had done until the cake was baking and because I thought it would be nice to clean as I go I poured the rest of the evaporated milk down the sink. So now I have a almost flat cake made of a yellow cake mix, evaporated milk and butter. Honestly it taste yummy. I put the caramel mixture in the fridge and may let the kids have it with apples or something.
I decided I would go back to old faithful and make cookies. We will see how it turns out.

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I love doing this; I just wish that I kept track of all the dumb things I do all week.

This week I did not let my husband go get us breakfast from a restraint and while he was gone feed the kids quickly because I did not want to spend the money to let them eat out. I love them too much and I know how much they enjoy eating out.

I did not put my entire box of extra scrapbook paper into our yard sale and then cry because my husband sold the entire thing at a discounted price, I am the one who put it out there; I just never dreamed someone would buy it all. Luckily I had pulled out my favorite ones.

I do not grab the princess beach towel as soon as it comes out of the dryer and hide it in my room so my girls will not be able to use it, because it is the softest towel I have ever seen. I would not do that because I know this is there favorite towel because it has princesses on it.

I did not use my sons ATM card at the gas station and then wonder why his account was $50 smaller than it should be.

I most certainly did not get so mad at the cashier at the store for loudly telling me that my card was DECLINED several times, I did not make her re run the card several times before walking out and leaving my stuff on the counter. Come on who goes into a gas station to buy pop tarts and mountain dew with a card that has no money. I can tell you who. The person who then hits ever ATM around and can not figure out why it will not let me have my money. I did not then set and watch other people getting money out of the ATM and wonder if secretly my husband was leaving me and had taken all the money. I did not wait 2 days before finally calling the bank. A grown woman would know to do that first. The bank did not nicely say “mam, did you receive your new cards 3 months ago” then I most certainly was not stupid enough to say “yes but my card was not expired so I just kept using it” the wonderful nice man who I am sure was NOT laughing at me did not respond with “yes mam, but with those new cards there was a letter that said your cards had been comprised and so we sent you new ones and asked you to destroy the old ones. No way would I have this happen to me, I am on top of things much better. And I most certainly did not destroy said cards 2 weeks ago when cleaning out my file cabinet, and I most certainly will not have to call the bank this morning and explain myself.

I did not let my 3 year old wear my 6 year olds old glasses for several hours last week just because she looks so dang cute in them. Because I know how important eye sight is and how wearing someone else’s glasses will strain your eyes

Oh and back to the ATM cards, I was not at the gas station buying pop tarts for my children for breakfast because I always feed them home made nutritious meals.

I did not forget to ask my dh for the camera and gps out of his truck the day we had our farm field trip and then get mad at him for not thinking about it and leaving it for me, I am a much better wife then that and would be prepared enough to remember to get them out myself.

My son did not admit that he saw something very personal my dh and I was doing, I then did not blow it off and walk away. A good mother would use this as a time to have a good conversation with my child.

After watching the show about women being pregnant and not knowing it, I most certainly did not decide that I must be about 7 months pregnant and not know it. That is why I am getting fatter and fatter, it has nothing to do with lack of exercise or the amount of mountain dew I consume daily.

When my week became crazy last week I most certainly did not continually throw clean laundry in my room and then put the kids in there to watch tv when I wanted a moment of quiet. I definitely did not then sleep on the couch because I could not look at the mess. I am a wonderful wife and would never let my dh sleep alone

I did not make my husband throw a cookie in the yard because I caught him eating it and I know he is tying to loose weight. I definitely did not do this after eating several cookies myself.

I most certainly did not beg my husband to drop me off at the comisary while he took the kids home and unloaded our food from the other stores in the rain and then return and pick me up. We had already taken the kids to sears, sams, hobby lobby, kroger in the pouring rain.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yard Sale

I do not know if it was a sucess or a wash out. We got it set up and even I was amazed at how much stuff we had. Honestly I found a couple of bags of things I still need to price for next time. I also want to go back through the house again and see what else I could pull out.

Time to vent, it is raining so hard you can hardly see the road. First, our normal gate to get on post is closed for construction. So we go to the next gate. Our normal gate for the last month. Guess what, it is closed to anyone who is not going to the concert on post tonight. So now we have to drive ten miles out of our way to go to another gate in the rain. This is so crazy. I will get home tonight some time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kindergarden Graduation

Hope's Graduation was this evening. I love our home school group.

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