Monday, October 31, 2016

Time to Relax

Some days are busy and long. Some days I go to bed and wonder if I even took a moment to tell each child that I love them. 
Then some days I remember to stop and take time to just have fun and be a mom. Not worry about chores or what ever else needs done just relax and enjoy the moment. Because I know that we are not guaranteed another day. 

So tonight we took time to make a purse out of a t-shirt and a bear out of a towel. The girls loved it and honestly it is the most relaxing thing I have done all week. 

I don't know what crafty thing we will do next but I am sure it will be something totally silly and something we will laugh about. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Daily Dress Up

These two crack me up. They both love to get dressed up. 
I cannot believe how tall my baby girl has gotten. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

The End Piece

Summer is fading fast. I am so grateful for the moments we have to just set and read or watch a movie together. 
They are both laying on the same end of our new couch. This is the spot I am setting in right now. The spot that we all love. 

I am looking forward to school starting and claiming this spot as the teachers desk. 

Happy Birthday!

This week my baby girl turns 14. I cannot believe it. So I thought I would take time to tell you about her. Hope loves everything. She loves everyone. If you have ever met Hope then you are her friend. This year she wanted two things. She wanted to go to the movies so I gave her a trip to the movies with a friend. She also wanted a sleepover with a couple of friends and that is helping. 
   Hope is on the volley ball team this year and will probably be the best supporter of the team. 
   Of all of my children she is the one who enjoys the snow. She enjoys being outside with the animals in the cold. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Colored Pencil Tattoos

Did you know that if you put colored pencils in really warm water that you can use them to draw on yourself. 
My girls decided to spend the day drawing all over themselves and each other. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls

Do you have a favorite recipe? My current favorite recipe is a yummy warm Pioneer Women cinnamon roll. 
I love how soft and airy they are. I love making them for other people. 

They are great at the farmers market. 
How do you find new recipes? 

Wordless Wednesday

This is my future in 15 years. I will show this picture at there baby shower.
     These girls are so cute together. They laugh and laugh and then they go off and play and come back and laugh some more. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Annoys Me

What annoys you or causes you stress? Driving is probably my number one. I do not enjoy it very often. It stresses me out. This morning my daughter and I drove an hour away for a doctor’s appointment. On the way there I saw the signs that tell you how many people have died on that road this year. That number was 304. Seriously, that did not help me drive more careful. It just stressed me out. Maybe it will encourage others but for me it just scares me. Then I start thinking about all the things I have not done. All the things I need to take care. I am not worried about my eternity. I know I will be in heaven. I do worry about my husband and children. Who will cook for them or take them to the doctor? I know I am making a big deal out of nothing. So when I let worry consume me I take a moment to think about what brings me joy. Not many things annoy me but several things bring me joy. Cracker barrel with my daughter, my son’s sneaky face when he knows he is being naughty and how my husband can fix anything. Friends bring me joy. Spending time with friends at church or talking to a friend on the phone that I have not seen in years. Helping someone brings me joy. As winter comes I will struggle to keep a happy attitude. It will get to cold to be outside or even let the kids outside to run off some energy. I am determined this year to not be discouraged this year but to allow myself to use this time to work on some fun projects. I will make a meal for a friend or try a new dessert. How do you handle stress or things that just annoy you?

A Old Train Station

Since Grace still is not herself we took her with us when we took Michael to Pensacola. 
We stayed at a hotel that had been a old railroad station. The lobby and down stairs were just amazing. So we took a few moments to take a few pictures of our baby girl. 

Please continue to pray for our baby girl. Her appointment is a week from today to find some answers to her dizziness. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Fall Update

Every day I think I will start really blogging again. I miss it, I miss sharing with friends and writing reviews. Sadly, I let pride get in my way. I let fear of rejection get in the way. Fear of bad reviews, of comments about how bad my grammar is. I honestly will probably still not take the time to review every sentence. But my goal is to come back. Life has been busy. But then again when isn’t life busy. Things are slowly slowing down. Farmer’s market season is over. I honestly miss it during the off season. You see, I enjoy my customers and getting to know them. I enjoy the baking that happens before farmers market. On the other hand I enjoy getting things done around the house. Part of our summer was spent getting my son ready for college. He has now been there seven weeks. He is doing more than I thought he would, he is more social than I thought possible. He seems happy and content. He still calls his momma every couple of days so I am happy. And finally, as of today we have a plan for Grace. We saw the pediatric endocrinologist this morning. The plan is do up her sodium intake and start her on thyroid meds. I know it does not sound like much but after three months it is a start. I am excited to find answers with her. Now that I have given you the update of what is going on, I think I can start fresh. So first on my list is to get my house under control. During the summer we live in survival mode and things just stack up. It drives me in sane. I worked on my craft room last weekend. Now I just need to find the time to actually work in my craft room. I have a ton of mending that needs done. I also have quilts that need made. Okay, they do not need made but I would love to make them. So now that you know my plans I would love to know your plans? IU

Happy Birthday Jacob

Three years, I can't believe it has been three years. I have always said I love the newborn stage. I don't even mind the mid night wake up calls because it means more snuggle time. 
But I am learning I actually love the toddler stage. He can talk to me and ask questions and tell me what he thinks. 

It took seven years for my womb to be open to another baby. It was a crazy pregnancy but so worth it. 

Jacob is strong, smart, hilarious, not just funny he is hilarious. He is into everything. He does not realized he is three. He loves anything to do with trains and tractors. He loves going to church and his favorite person in the whole world is probably Sasha who just moved away. 

He is the most stubborn, spoiled child you have ever met. And you know what?? Most days I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Happy Birthday baby Jacob 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ordering Room Service

This weekend we dropped Michael off at college.  The drive was long and boring but so worth it. 
We stopped and visited friends on the way down. We let Grace order room service in the hotel. She thought it was a special treat but honestly we were just too tired to leave the hotel to eat dinner. 

I love this picture of the two of them in the back seat. It was one of the few minutes they were calm and not wrestling in the back seat.

I am so grateful this morning as we drive home. Grateful for a Christian college and for friends who welcome us into there house. Grateful for the smiles of this little girl who makes this time fun.

Grace Update

I am just going to say it how it is. THIS SUCKS.  Grace had a couple of good days. She played with friends, had a sleep over, and went to the zoo with friends. Sounds like a perfect 24 hours. That was until her teacher at church told me that she was in tears in church and that she has been in tears all morning. Yes she has been more clumsy this morning because she is tired. 
 We should have a appointment for her MRI today. Please pray that it will be soon and that they will be able to help her. Because honestly THIS SUCKS! It sucks that you can't help your daughter, that you see her push so hard to be normal but in the end that is harder on her. She is ten and should not be dealing with this. 
For your viewing pleasure I am showing you pictures of how Grace and her friends play. Luckily they warned me ahead of time that they were doing this. 
Please pray, Pamela
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