Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where we Homeschool 

This is what homeschooling looks like today. She loves to do school in this quiet room. It is honestly the room we use to store our supplies for craft shows. 

Today her baby brother decided to join her. I am surprised he  has not used the stack on blankets next to him to make a tent. 


I wanted to show you a couple of wonderful praises. That is my hero catching a ball. He is doing much better. He is still doing cardiac rehab and is careful with what he does but he is playing softball.I love this picture. These men did not pray together before the game. They prayed together after the game. It was not about who won or lost it was about being together. 

Baby Timothy 

Thank you for praying for this sweet miracle. He is home now and doing well. I ask you to continue to pray for his recovery and his precious mommy who is recovering. 

Random Craziness

This child is going to cause me to have a anxiety attack. He was hanging from the ledge. I have no idea why they felt the need to look at themselves and stick their tongues out while doing so.Something crazy happened. I had my husband set right in front of me to discuss it. I needed his total attention. It was nothing bad and quite funny. I guess I was a little animated because Gracie came and climbed into his arms. I love this dog. 

New Fragrances 

We have been working hard in our little soaping room the last couple of weeks. Trying to stock up for our summer market. I think I have a couple of new favorites. i know I said I was going to cut back on our fragrances but then I smelled Denim and Diamonds. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

This Years Garden

I love this time of year. We get the garden back under control and ready for a new year. The goats love to eat the scraps. 

We moved our goat pen last year. So now our garden is where the goat pen use to be. No need for fertilizer in our garden. 

What do you prefer, a raised garden or a in ground garden? We prefer a raised garden. 

This year we are focusing on bushes, tomatoes and peppers. My husband never makes enough salsa to make it through the winter.  What do you focus on in your garden? 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Perfect Picture

This is not a everyday event. But it is the moments like this that make my day. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

This Weeks Mess

These boys are a hot mess. They are best friends and I love it. Today they found a container of strawberry milk powder and used it as sand. They poured it all over the kitchen floor and then rolled in it.  

The second mess you see is Jacob pretending to be asleep under his sisters desk. You see he had eaten chocolate under the desk after sneaking it out of his sisters room. He tried to pretend he was asleep until we offered more chocolate. He is one little sneaky boy. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Budgets and Prayers

We have a grocery budget but honestly we never pay close attention to it. It is the one area in my life that I won't skimp on. I have learned some tricks to stretch our grocery bill. For one, we always buy in bulk. The more you can buy the cheaper the per pound price is.  Another thing is that we will buy a turkey or ham when they are on sale because it is cheaper than chicken or pork. I love listening to my children pray. Each one prays in a different way and it is neat to watch. I do not believe in memorized prayers. I want my children to talk to God.  For me it is about that relationship that they are working on, it is about taking a moment to refocusing on your day. 

 Who prays at your dinner table? 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Homeschool PE

This is what homeschooling looks like. This morning we had 60 tons of gravel delivered. I am really hoping this cuts down on the mud coming into the house. Please do not tell Jacob he is using a pooper scooper. He originally grabbed his little John deer toy to scoop up the gravel. Every year during Farmer's market season we pull into the grass to load and unload. Now I will have a real spot to pull into. I love seeing new home improvements. One of my goals is to paint the ceiling of our porch and hang a ceiling fan. 

Returning Food

I love eating out.  It is one of my favorite things to do with friends. Recently though we have struggled with good food. I wish I could complain more. My husband ordered a veggie omelet. I am pretty sure omelet means the veggies go inside. He said it tasted good. 

Last night we had a wonderful vendor event. So we stopped afterwards for dinner. First my husband ordered a salad and got wonton tacos. He was thrilled but not on his new diet planned. I asked what the special was and he told me it was mash potatoes with gravy and beef tips. He assured me it had no onions and that was the only ingredients. Sure enough the gravy had chunks of mushrooms and tomatoes in it. Who eats chunks of stewed tomatoes in gravy. I did not return it but I should have.  

  So I have a question, do you return food? Do you worry about the staff getting in trouble when you do? 

The other day we needed to run errands so we took the baby with us. I know he is three but he is still my baby. 

We decided to stop at chick fil a to visit our oldest. The plan was to just have lunch but Jacob was having such a good time that I let Rob leave us while he went to the chiropractor. That was a wonderful descision because my oldest had a break and could set and chat. 

Plunder Jewelry 

Have you heard of Plunder jewelry? My friend recently started selling it. I see her post pictures and love it all. But honestly I am not a huge jewelry person. 

Last week was hard, really hard. A friend gave me this beautiful necklace on one of the hardest days. I cannot stop looking at it.

She did not give it to me for a blog review. She gave it to me because she loves me.  

I love looking at the scripture on it. The reminder of how blessed I am for my answered prayers. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Fresh Start

Well it is official. He has accepted a new job and will be back to work in a few short weeks. He is officially out of the Army. I honestly cannot believe how crazy life has been and how much it has changed. He has been such a wonderful side kick. I honestly will cry when he goes back to work. This week we have worked on building our stock up for our summer markets. 

 He is doing well with cardio rehab. They often have to tell him to slow down because he is pushing himself too hard. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Only in my Life

This week: *my boys spilled a entire container of strawberry quick all over the floor and rolled in it *my dog was found on the roof twice. this is how I know it is spring *the topsoil we bought had plastic, glass and trash in it *my child told me it was my fault he got a ticket for running a stop sign, since he was running a errand for me *I went for a manicure and pedicure but had to hold my shirt a certain way because the wire decided to pop out of my bra. *I had to place three supply orders because I kept forgetting things *my son has learned to milk goats only he thinks the goats are urinating on him. *

Please Pray

Please pray with me. My dearest friend had a emergency c-section 11 days ago. Her precious baby boy is still in the NICU. He was born full term weighing over 7 pounds and doing great. Sadly the next day is breathing became unstable. At seven days old he was put on oxygen. They do not have a real reason for why he is struggling but he is. 

Please pray with me for this tiny blessing. Pray for his mom and dad who have to go home every night empty handed. Leaving a baby in the hospital is miserable and scary. It is hard to physical heal when you are running back and forth to the hospital. It is mentally exhausting to ride the NICU roller coaster that so many of us have ridden. Please pray that this ride is over shortly and they are snuggling this baby at home. 

I have left a baby in

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Another Show 

I will not say it was successful but we had another wonderful craft show this weekend. I met a bunch of wonderful new (to me) vendors.  This week will be busy preparing for a three day show next weekend. Please pray with us that this is a great show. I have not been in this part of town and it is always fun to meet new people. 

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