Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Things I am thankful for
1. that i found the half bottle of ketchup in the pots and pan cabinet
2. that i found grace's shoe in the cereal cabinet
3. that my children are healthy and most of the time happy
4. that I was given such a awesome husband who puts up with me no matter what I do or say
5. that we know where we are moving
6. that I have everything I need, we have a home and food and clothes and probably more than we need on most days
7. That I am forgiven and I know that no matter how much I mess up the Lord is still there for me.
8. That we have a awesome homeschool group that I know I can turn to for help any time I need it
9. That we have found a church that has taken us in and treated us like we have been there for years
10. That I have been 38 hours without mountain dew and do not have a head ache

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Prayers for Stellan
This is breaking my heart, I have been following this story since last December, maybe earlier. I have seen so many miracles and this precious mom definitly says it is all in God's hand. Please pray for this precious baby, pray for this precious baby. I am taking the week off from Not Me Monday to take time to pray for this family, her site is where I learned about not me monday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

potato launcher

Michael went to a friends house for a birthday party. I am just slighty jealous that this mom had her act together enough to have the boys make potato launchers. I am hiring her for Michael's next party. Michael loved it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wordless wednesdays

What would your child Do

I heard about a new fun thing to do on Wednesdays. It is called What would your child do, to participate go to
I think this wll be alot of fun because daily I am in tears about something my kids say. I know I have told this story before but because some of you may not have heard it I will say it again. Last month my beautiful, sweet, loving, kind, neat freak daughter bought me the soap dispenser from her bathroom. She said someone had urinated in it. I told her it was not possible, that the soap had been green and then watered down (by another child). After she assured me it was urine I took it in hand (mistake number one because it was warm) and then smelled it (why would I do that). I quickly realized it was urine and told her to pour it in the toilet and wash her hands. I assumed it was my 12 year old son, only honestly if you know him you know he would NEVER do that. I brought all the kids in the livingroom and told them that if the person who did this crime would admitt it I would not be mad but if they did not then dad was coming home to pick the container up and have it tested to see whose it was. My precious 6 year old said "okay, okay, it was me". When I asked her why she did this she said "to see if someone would use it". That night I was blogging about what she had done, in hopes of someone giving me sympathy. When she saw me she started crying and when I asked her why she said because my friends were going to tell there kids not to be friends with her. So I told her if she promised never to do anything like this again I would not tell she said, are you ready for it? She said "mommy, I can't". When I asked her why she said "because I did not fil it up!". I did not know what to think or say. Luckily, she has not done anything like this since. I do try to remember to check the soap containers before friends come over to make sure it is really soap.

Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is one of my facorite places, so we thought since they were giving away free donuts in honor of the birthday we would take party hats and visit them. They then gave the girls those horrible little blow noise makers. They did have a great time. And the donuts were beyond good.

Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

saying good bye to oma

Oma had to go home and no one was happy about it. Before she left we went to Oprymills mall.

Happy Anniversary!

It seems weird, but we have only been married 14 years. We have been together as long as I can remember. The way we met was kinda funny. I was going out with his friend when my cousin visited and my mom said if I wanted to go out I had to find someone for her to go with. So my then boyfriend called his friend. Long story short they did not work out and we ended up together. I have so many wonderful stories of our life together. To say that I feel blessed to have him in my life is a under statement. I came with alot of baggage and alot of that baggage still affects our relationship today but he accepts me for who I am. He loves me beyond my past, beyond where I have been or what I have done. He loves me when no one else would. He loves me when I gain weight or when I weighed way less than I should have. He loved me to set in a Ronald McDonald house for five days while I was in the hospital and refused to let him see me. He loved me when I moved 8 hours away from him. I thank God that he gave me this man.
Last year I wrote on my space about my husband, this is what I wrote.
pan E cakes
so who do i make this blog about. is it the precious gift who woke up and came to her daddy's side of the bed ans said i need changed or is it the daddy who changed her.

is it the precious angel who came into the livingroom and said daddy make me pan E cakes or the man who is making those pan Ecakes

i think i will make this about the man, the man who is in the kitchen right now making his precious gift pan E cakes.

it is 2009 and i have been married for 13 years to a wonderful man. This is the man who has stood beside me when i have not been a nice man. the man who has watched me gain and loose and gain a hundred pounds. the man who still married me when i had honor and obey taken out of our vows. the man who was there when our first son was born and was not breathin, the man whose first words about that son after visiting him in the NICU was, no denying it, michael looks just like me. the man who held my hand while we found out we had lost our second son. the man who protected me from the drunk lady who was in our room when we were being induced to deliver the baby we lost. the man who held me so many nights after we lost jeremiah. the man who was with me when we were told that our first daughter was not viable and told me it was okay not to have a d&c, the man who then held me when they told us she would not stay in womb past 28 weeks and even then she would be born with down syndrom and one kidney. he is the man who was in the delivery room with me when i delivered a 35 week perfectly healthy baby girl. he was there when our second daughter came into the world. he was there with me when my water broke at 26 weeks with our third daughter, he was there to wash my hair when i was in the hospital for 5 weeks before she was born. he was there the morning she was born. he set with me many hours while i watched her sleep in the NICU wondering if she would ever be ours. this man of mine and no body elses has been to albania, afghanistan, bosnia, kosovo and iraq 2 times and been devoted to only me while gone. this is the man who kept me walking the straight line in high school and kept me out of trouble. who followed me away from where he grew up to maryland and then had me follow him to fort campbell and germany and fort campbell and currently to alabama. the man who takes his children fishing with him and has taught them to love life in a way i will never know.

so this year i am going to try harder to be more apprciative of him, take better care of him, trust his opinion and value it more. i am going to do more of the things he enjoys doing. and yes i am again moving with him.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Just a reminder that August 1 is teacher appriciation day at Staples. This week they had a sale. You could get a pack of pencils for a penny or glue for .25 cents limit 2. But if you are a teacher you could get 25 of each. So after my mom and I and the girls visited 2 Staples I had 66 packs of pencils for 66 cents. I wonder how long they will last. They are very generous in allowing homeschool teachers to participate and I realy appriciate it.

Bowling with Oma

We went bowling today and had a awesome try. We tried to go the other day but there was a $15 cover charge at the door. There was some professional bowler that day so we left. I do not have many pictures of us actually bowling but I do have one of Michael trying to delet pictures of himself, one of Grace pretending she is me.
Pictures of arm wrestling, of the kids eating there french fries which is the first thing they think about when they walk into the bowling alley.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feeding the ducks with oma

When Oma was here we went down town to feed the ducks. The girls loved it and the weather was amazing. Grace had to eat a couple crackers then Hope had to eat a couple. We went through 2 boxes of crackers in about a hour. Hope also left a trial so that the pigeons would follow us.
I loved these two little creatures (can anyone tell me what they are) there was a black and a white one and they refused to separate.

Friday, July 17, 2009

still waiting

Rob called and said the current plans are wel still plans. He talked to his branch manager and he said Fort Bragg accepted us BUT and I mean a big BUT is that Korea is not looking at us. If they will accept us then we are heading to Korea because they need someone in Korea. They said we should know by Tuesday. As soon as we hear I am sure we will have a party. No matter what the descision it would just be nice to know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Modest Melly's

Modest Melly's is the only place I advertise for. This is a dear friend's store who tries very hard to help others buy selling modest clothing at prices we can afford. I have found tons of cute things at her store and she adds things often (she is a mom so if you do not see something this week check back in). If you sign up for her newsletter then you will recieve coupons. Today I recieved a 40% off my entire order. How awesome!!!! She ships things out within a few days so no waiting around. make sure you hit priority mail and not express mail. You can find her site by clicking on the modest melly button or here:
Let me know if you find things or if there are things you are looking for and do not find.
I am twittering all day as we learn more about our move, just scroll down and find the twitter spot. you can also sign up and recieve my twitters through a text message. So much fun to do.

What Would Your Child Say?

I heard about a new fun thing to do on Wednesdays. It is called What would your child do, to participate go to
I think this wll be alot of fun because daily I am in tears about something my kids say. Since I am new I will tell you some older things to let you know my life better. Well maybe one or two current things.
My mom is visiting and we are really enjoying it but yesturday we were getting ready to go to dinner and Hope (age 6) said "OMA, your not wearing those shorts are you? and when oma said yes. Hope said "well your not wearing them out of the house". They were shorter then what my kids are allowed. I promise they were not bad. So my mom was grounded to the house by a 6 year old.
When my son was 4 years old (now 12) my husband was due for a promotion. That morning I had been at the hospital in pre-term labor. So we arrive at the promotion ceremony and set in the back. His commander and 1SG came and asked if I was okay and if I needed anything. As they are walking away, everyone is quiet, all the men are standing at attention. You know how the army is with ceremony. Michael ask me "mom are they boys", yes michael now SH! Then in a loud voice that echoes through the room he says " do they have penis's". I do not know which was funnier, that he said it or watching 100 soldiers stand at attention and try there hardest not to laugh or move.
ok, so this is not funny but humbling and a reminder as to where we should look when we are in pain and do not know what to do. Most of you know Grace was in the hospital in December. Well on a Tuesday morning at 4am I was setting next to her bed and I heard her go to the bathroom. Honestly I thought it was weird because she had not eaten in at least 5 days. So I set there and a few minutes later respitatory comes in to give her a treatment and do chest therapy. I said hold on and let me change her. The goal was to not turn on the light. He then says, you know I think it came out of her diaper. So we turn on the light and it looked like something off of a CSI show. She did not have a bowel movement, she had a GI bleed and there was blood everywhere. Please understand I mean on her, her diaper, her pajamas, her blanket, her hospital sheets and blankets, the chucks under her bedding and going onto the floor. That day she had x-rays, ultra sounds, a mecal scan, a cat scan and tons of blood work, that even she recieved a blood transfusion (which hurts anyways but they forgot to warm the blood) and then because she could not or would not drink we had to put a tube down her nose to give her all the meds to prepare her for a upper GI and colonoscopy. I was toast and so was she. The final straw was they came in about 11pm for urine and more blood. My precious baby had no veins left in her arms, hands, feet, and they were now using her legs. When they left I got her back to sleep or so I thought. I then got on line and was on Yahoo with my dear friend Debbie (she offered to call but I knew hearing her voice would send me over the edge and I was trying to not loose it, you know how when you actually talk out loud you can not hide your emotions) SO I am telling her I do not know how I can do this, I do not know how Grce can do this. I am just at my witts end and all the sudden from that big hospital bed with my little baby (3 year old) in it I hear, Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so, over and over because that is the only words she knew. You know I have heard people say "out of the mouths of babes" my entire life but until that moment I never understood that meaning. That was the reminder of how I was going to keep handling it.
I can not wait until next week when I can write down all the things my kids have said this week.

Monday, July 13, 2009

follow me on twitter today to see where we are moving, no news so far. will it be KOREA, BRAGG, or will it be RILEY.

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
i did not use my husbands toothbrush not once but twice by accident and then totally get grossed out. Why do they not make sonicare in colors.
I did not delete my not me monday list that i write all week and am now kicking myself about.
i did not learn to twitpic so my husband could see what we are doing all day
because I know it is all in Gods hands I have not already asked DH to check to see if we have orders so I will know where we are moving.
I did not make my mom No Bake cookies because they are her favorite and then eat half of them.
I did not already pick out my kids clothes for the week so that they would look good in pictures with my mom
I am not tempted to go buy my Anniversary gift myself so I will not be mad at my husband when he gives me my gift, he is a awesome man and I should not hold it against him that he does not know how to shop for others
i did not have to go back and edit my not me monday post 3 times so far this morning, so check back and see what else may be changed

Today is moving day

Well not really but it is the day we should find out where we are moving. We thought it would be last Friday. The last thing we heard on Thursday was they were thinking it would be one of the three Fort Bragg, NC, or Fort Riley KS or Korea. They said they have to have a 3 year commitment for Korea so family will definitly go. Then they came back and said they put Bragg on the bottom because although he would love to get it he does not have Airborne status. In his heart he thinks it will be Korea and in my heart although they say it has to be a 3 year commitment I think it will be Korea for a year without us. Now the wrench in all of this is his Fort Knox spot was given to someone who will be in his August school. So if he gets to school and that person wants to switch we may still be able to get to Fort Knox, not likely if it is Korea. The crazy part is that it all comes down to a e-mail. Can you imagine life changing e-mails. All day he will check his e-mail to see if his RFO is in, and that will tell us where we are moving. A E-MAIL. So for now I am going to make waffles for my mom who is visiting and pull out the nutella I never let the kids have. Then we are heading to the lake to feed the ducks, home for lunch and then to piano and then a appointment and then Hula and then home for dinner. I am not going to set here waiting and wondering all day. Honestly, there is no real place I do not want to go. Korea would mean no deployments (or so the man said) and Bragg would be closer to home, and well I have never been to KS. I have realized to trust that if God sends me somewhere it is for a reason and to trust that reasoning even if I do not agree with it or understand it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oma is here!

Oma is here for a week and the kids are so excited. They refuse to set still. Last night within minutes of being home they had done her make up and fixed her hair. This afternoon we tried to go bowling but they were closed so we went to see the aircraft on post. Rob could not believe we had been here five years and I had never seen them. Tomorrow morning we are going down town to feed the ducks and walk around. I did save her from make up and hair today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farmers market

Rob took Grace to the farmers market this morning. They had a great time. But the neat part was that he bought corn from one person and the person next to him said, are you a soldier and he said "yes sir" so the guy gave him 8 more for free. he then bought peaches and that lady asked again are you a soldier and then gave him 5 free peaches. I know to most people this seems silly but in his job it is nice to know you are appriciated.First Grace tried to take the whole peach instead of a bite. When Rob had them cleaned the girls attacked him for a peach.

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