Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sick Babies

This has been a hard week. Sunday morning my baby girl passed out twice at home. We rushed her to the hospital. 
They did blood work and we waited. The blood work came back that she did not look sick. The doctor said she must have just been dehydrated and released is. As we were walking out she passed out again. Only this time it took much longer for her color to come back. They did a chest X-Ray and decided she has pneumonia. 

So after a antibiotic shot we were sent home. 
We followed up with our pediatrician who said she did not hear pneumonia but it looked like she had strep throat. That test came back negative. The doctor said maybe she just did not hear the pneumonia. She still had a fever. So for now we watch her. 
She is feeling much better and is ready to be allowed off the couch. 
Please continue to pray as I have another baby who is coughing. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

K5 Learning

I am so so SO excited to share a new program with you. I recently wrote about how I keep up with the little ones while I homeschool. One of the things I did not mention was one of my easiest ways to keep the kids going when I cannot be right there. We really enjoyed our test of K5 Learning. Some of our favorite things were that they got to earn arcade game and the colors. This was one of the first programs that was not full of cartoon figures but not too mature for the little ones. They loved that each thing built on the last. As a parent I enjoyed the fact that I could assign what I wanted to work on. They did not just pick what was easiest to play. My husband likes the fact that they had placement test so we knew where each child should start. I enjoyed that they had so many options for each grade and that they had extra worksheets when we need it.
They even have a free trial period. This is great for our family because I have learned not all programs work for the way my kids learn. This program worked well for all my kids.
Disclaimer: I did receive a free trial to sample this product.

Feeling Beachie

The statements are: I have not been great at keeping up with Feeling Beachie. I really enjoy the questions every week but this is my prime baking time for farmers market and I cannot get on the computer. Because we all know if we get on the computer for one minute it turns into twenty minutes before we look up and a hour before we get up. •__Shut__ your _mouth____ because_I said so._____ •I am in denial that it is already _September and winter is coming.______ •My purse is empty without _a spare diaper and business cards ______ •Camping to me, means _sleeping in a RV, family time and smores._____

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Talking to Fans

Do you remember talking into a fan growing up. I caught Jacob talking into a fan and had to laugh.
We are definitely a fan family. Almost everyone has one to sleep with. I always pull one into the kitchen when I am baking for hours. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Typical Day

Our days are busy. I keep thinking they will slow down. But then we have a slow day and I cannot seem to set still. 
Let me just give you a glimpse into our day. We started by hanging flags at church. Then home to start banana bread. Then we went to the park to pck up a swap and decided to play for twenty minutes.
Then we dropped Michael off for a hair cut before taking Faith to the orthodontist. Picked up Michael and stopped by the house to open windows and pack a picnic lunch. Then we dropped bread off to my husband for a order before taking Michael to work. 
Then we met my husband at the park for a picnic and to play. Ran to legal to sign some papers. 
Are you tired yet because I  getting there.  After that we went back to the park because we had 30 minutes to spare. Then I took 6 kids and myself to the chiropractor. Have you ever seen seven people in one office? Then home to make chocolate chip cookies, bake the last of the banana muffins, make oatmeal cookies and then we made red, white and blue cookies. Did I say the kitchen had to be cleaned up a million times and the kids needed dinner? We finally made it to bed around 11pm. Tomorrow is a fresh day with lots more baking and laundry. 
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