Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Homeschool Multiple Age Groups

I often wonder how large families homeschool different ages and grades. I have found this hard over the last couple of years. I am learning some ways to help. First, I keep activities for the little boys that are only allowed during school hours. Second, devotions use to be a issue, how do you ask a 2 year old to sit still. I have realized that I do not expect him to just sit there. So the last several days I have him stand in front of me and I hold his hand. Notice there is there is no pressure in my hand. He thinks he is getting special attention and I can never get tired of holding his precious hand. Third I realized a long time ago that school can be done all over the house (you know HOMEschool). My ten year old struggles with getting upset easily and distracted easily. I have learned that holding a animal helps. Today I had her just pick up a book and copy words out of it. I looked over and she was using her toes to hold a book open. I think it is a constant goal to do as much as I can together and give everyone a minute or two of my attention a day even if they do not think they need it. Pamela


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