Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20 Weeks and counting

So many blog post, so little time. I have list on my phone, list in notebooks and list in my Bible of things I want to blog about yet some how I end up with little snippets that do not make a lot of since. Why you may ask well life is crazy. Let me give you a example. In one day I have a 8am ultrasound a hour from home, a 9:30 dental appointments for 3 kids and then pick up lunch before driving over a hour to speech. As soon as speech is over we have to dash back to post (45 minutes in the opposite direction) for a OB appointment. After that appointment we will have a snack and then do school until bedtime. This week was better because we only had 5 appointments. It was a GREAT slow week. Can you believe that I am 20 weeks pregnant! Two weeks ago I was told he weighed 10 ounces. I can hardly believe how fast it is going. Now that I have heard the heart beat and seen that little body it feels real. Shopping for baby boy clothes makes it feel real. Having my precious baby boy touch my belly and say baby thrills me. I do have a funny story. There is a lady at church who a couple of months ago told me that I had lost too much weight. That they (people at church) were talking about me during the week and had decided I had lost too much weight. Well last month she told me I did not look pregnant. So last night she makes a comment about my stomach and how I had gained weight. I said yes it needs to hurry and get bigger I am 5 months pregnant. She said “oh I thought you were just getting a big gut”. I about died. This has to be about the nicest lady you could ever meet. I have my next ultrasound next week, hoping to see his precious face. Last week he was facing backwards so no great pictures. Pamela


Courtney Schulist said...

Oh man, I really hate when people talk about my weight, and especially mention to me that Ive gained weight.
I love this picture of you and Im so happy that you are welcoming a new baby boy. I always knew you would have another child.

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

The *nicest lady you could ever meet* could use a lesson in nice manners I think. I'm always surprised at the outrageous things some people will say.
Great photo of you. Looking quite wonderful ;)

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