Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

Menu Plan Monday Monday- breakfast cereal for the kids and eggo waffles for me (I can’t do cereal) Lunch- lunchables for kids and hospital for me (I love hospital food so this will probably be a weekly thing when I get my shot) Dinner- rotisserie pork tenderloin, my husband made it Saturday night but we have not eaten it. So yummy. I will either add a couple baked potatoes or salad or both Tuesday- Breakfast- eggs and toast (if I can get around to making bread this evening) Lunch- salad or sandwiches with lunch meat Dinner- leftovers, I have baked potatoes’ wedges, turkey, chicken. I actually think the potato wedges put in the skillet with spray pam and a fried egg. Please know any time I say something is fried I mean put in a skillet with spray pam Wednesday- Breakfast- scrambled eggs and turkey sausage Lunch- hot dogs and chips and grapes Dinner- Cor Don Blue Casserole (I am cooking for church that night so I will make 4), salad and corn Thursday- Breakfast- Oatmeal- probably regular oatmeal Lunch- soup and leftovers Dinner- either leftovers for church or I will make turkey burgers Friday-Breakfast-cereal, toast with peanut butter. Two of my kids have testing and will need protein Lunch- Eating out somewhere after testing Dinner- PIZZA, my big boys are camping and I am having sleepovers for a couple of the kids. So this will be a easy clean up night. I think I will make some pizza rolls to have as appetizers and to make the pizza go father. Saturday- Breakfast- donuts and sausage (the little girl who is sleeping over begs me for donuts) Lunch- probably pizza casseroles or left over’s from Friday night Dinner-who knows, I will be exhausted so whatever we can come up with. I have not been good about snacks in the last week. We have had cheese crackers and rice cakes and lots of fruit. I love some fresh fruit. Now if only I could find a way for it to not cost so much. Pamela


Jane Adensam said...

Great menu and Cor Don Blue Casserole?!? Yum!!!

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