Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shopping with my girls and one little boy

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls shopping. I wanted to get them new dresses. Sadly these are the dresses they picked out (the blue jean ones). I let them buy them but it was driving me batty. A couple of days later I took them out and found much cuter dresses that even they liked more. After we went shopping we went for pedicures. I even splurged for designs. Poor Jason tagged along. I felt so bad for him. He was just thrilled I let him play on the IPOD. I save his IPOD time for when I have meetings and shopping for girl stuff. These are the dresses that we ended up keeping. I try to pick my battles so as long as what they pick is modest I am not super picky. But these dresses just drove me batty. So I was thrilled when they picked these. Oh I almost forgot to tell you after we got pedicures I decided to run to Motherhood Maternity. I do not think I have ever bought maternity clothes before. The girls had a great time playing dress up with me. It was fun when the lady showed me the pillow. She assured me that I would be this big in three months. I hope she is right. I love being big and pregnant. Pamela


Natalie Busch said...

Yesterday I tried on a dress very similar to that polkadot one, but I didn't end up getting it. I love the toes.

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