Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby update-week 18

Today was a great day. I was sent off post for a ultrasound. It seemed odd that they were sending me off post for a ultrasound but I did not mind because it meant we would not have a appointment in the middle of the night. Yesterday I received a confirmation call. Only they said your appointment is with Dr. ???. I said with a DR, she said yes. Again that seemed weird. That was until I arrived at the office and realized that he was a Perinatologist. We took all 6 kids and I think at first I thought it overwhelmed the tech. But as soon as we were settled in the room I think she enjoyed it. She took all the shots and talked to us for a long time. Then she left to get the doctor. The doctor was amazing. I had all but 2 of the girls go to the waiting room with my husband. The doctor was amazing. He talked to me about all the testing available. He did not pressure me when I said I did not want them. He did tell me there is a new blood test that checks for Down’s with 99% accuracy. I still denied it because it does not change anything to me. He said the baby looks great and weighs about 10 ounces. Said that I look great. He reminded me several times of my age and history. In the end it was decided that he would see me every 2 weeks to check the baby and my cervix. He told me if my cervix starts changing he could put in a stitch. I have never had a problem with my cervix. He was thrilled to know that I am getting progesterone shots. So for now the plan is to see him twice a month, go to my doctors office weekly for my shot, see my OB regularly and then my endocrinologist does blood work once a month and then has a exam once a month. If my levels stay stable she will spread it out for 2 months. Needless to say this baby is already getting plenty of attention. I do not mind, it is worth it to keep it growing to full term. I got a ton of pictures today but the baby is facing my back so not a good head shot. My girls did get a shot of the goop on my belly. She said it looks like a clear worm. I have gained about 14 pounds already. I am now feeling this baby daily. I have never felt the others this early. It is a great reminder that it is growing strong. Last little up date. We did find out that this tiny blessing is a ???????????? I will tell you later this week. Pamela
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Jennifer Smith said...

Happy to hear that everything is going!

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