Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Question Friday

1. Who drives when your family is together, you or your spouse? My husband, always. He never lets me drive. I have friends who always drive and I think WOW! Seriously, part of it is he knows I dislike driving and part of it is he likes driving. I think actually part of it is that if he is driving he does not have to deal with the kids. 2. Are you an introvert or extrovert? 3. Are you married to an introvert or extrovert? Hmm, when you first meet him you would think he was not very outgoing but spend any time with him and you realize he is. Or do a activity he is good at and he is all about telling you how to do it. 4. What's your favorite type of social media? I use to say face book but too much spam and drama on there. So instagram is my favorite, I love all the pictures. Although, I do wonder if people think I am nuts for taking so many pictures. 5. What's your favorite way to "recharge"? A nap on clean sheets, in a clean room. Or to set on my porch and read a good book with a cold drink and a good snack. Or to go out with friends and watch a funny movie with a large bucket of popcorn and then go for dessert afterwards so we can laugh some more. Pamela


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