Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Teenage Boy

I love this boy. He keeps me thinking and going and crying and laughing. I just wanted to show you some recent pictures of him. He loves playing outside with the kids and I love to watch him. He always comes up with some game. A game that is real but often has rule changes. He has never been one to understand the rules of a games and often changes them to make better since. Some days he struggles. Not depressed but needs extra assurance that he is okay. These days break my heart. These days I am grateful he still wants to talk to his parents and still needs us. Days when he wonders if his life will ever be like everyone else’s. We are in amazing therapy for the first time ever. Well therapy has always been there but I think these ladies get it. They have given us great ideas on how to work with him including this amazing book. I am tempted to order several and hand them out to all the parents I know who have children with Asperger’s. Michael is the first one to volunteer to help when asked. The other day I had a appointment and so did a friend so we drove together. On the way out the kids wanted to be carried. So Michael carried both of them out. It had to be the funniest thing because half way through the hospital he had to put one down. Pamela


Stevie Luplow said...

Do you have any book/blog recommendations for parents of kids with Aspergers? I have a friend who's son has it and I would love to give her some new reads to help her on the journey her family is enduring :)

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