Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday- Dates with Dad part two

Do you remember me telling you about date night with Grace well Hope was counting minutes until her date. She thought we should take different vehicles to church so they leave church early to have more time together. She decided she wanted to go play mini golf because that is what her daddy and I did on our first date. Rob says she was just like me and hit the ball too hard the first time. Only instead of hers hitting a car it landed in the pond. After mini golf they went to the batting cages. They stopped by the store and then came home. She was not thrilled with that. She thought they should be out all day. The next date is with Faith. I cannot wait to see what they do together. Does your husband take your daughters out. I try to take Michael out, it gives us to talk without the little kids. A time to talk about what he is interested in and what is going on in his life. Pamela


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