Sunday, April 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I did some cooking this weekend but no where near what I had planned. I have turkey burger and turkey chops sat out to cook tomorrow. We did grill chickens and pork ribs this weekend. Monday- Breakfast- scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits (going to make eggs for another day). Lunch- hot dogs and grapes Dinner- pork ribs, green beans and maybe mash potatoes Snacks- I have lots of pastries that were given to us, apples Tuesday- Breakfast- cereal Lunch- eating out, we have a 8:45, 10:45 and 1:30 appointments Dinner- chicken breast with salad Snacks- will pack peanut butter crackers and maybe granola bars for the car Wednesday- Breakfast- eggs and turkey sausage Lunch-sandwiches and apples Dinner- have no idea we will eat at church Snacks- probably left over pastries and bananas Thursday- Breakfast-cereal, should I tell you that I bought a ton of ceral last year when I found it on sale and I still have about 4 cases that are either expired or on the verge of being expired. Lunch- hotdogs- quick and easy Dinner-turkey chops, salad and baked potatoes Snacks- bananas and cheese sticks Friday- Breakfast- cereal or eggs depends upon how tired I am Lunch- veggie and fruit trays- I will take a picture, I do this often. I just make mini veggie plates and fruit trays for each child. Dinner- spaghetti or tacos, I will make the meat on Monday and just re heat it Snacks- rice cakes, smoothies I cannot wait to see what everyone else makes. I need to expand our menu some. We are trying to eat more salad and less potatoes. But honestly a baked potato is easy to make and easy to clean up. Pamela


Jane Adensam said...

Potatoes are soooo hard for me to give up because they are so easy and go with just about everything! And, I just have a hard time getting that excited about a salad. Le sigh.

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