Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Family Day

As a large family we do not go out often. One day my husband decided we needed a family day. So off we went we started with shopping for new dresses for the girls. Just so you know finding modest clothing for pre teens is crazy. Why do they think they only need half there body covered. Then we went to the movies. I was shocked the kids did well. Even if the big kids set at the front of the theatre without us. Even the baby did well. After the movies everyone was hungry. I do not know how they were hungry since we must have ate ten pounds of popcorn. WAIT! Maybe I ate that much. So we went to Red Robin. Again that went smoother than I remember. I have a ritual when we first walk in I grab a menu and write out what each person wants to eat and drink. That way when the waitress comes to the table I can give her a list. No changing what you want, no hearing specials and second guessing your order. The other advantage to this is that she has the entire order at the beginning and can put it in before bringing us our drinks. I do not know why it worries me to go out as a family. We have done it a ton and always enjoy it. We do a lot of things together like going to the park but not so many things where we are confined to small places By the way we saw Wreck It Ralph and enjoyed it. My teen did not complain and my little one was entertained. Pamela


Lindsie Nutt said...

i can totaly believe you ate all the popcorn!

Jennifer Smith said...

How fun! I love the pictures. :)

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