Sunday, April 28, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Have I ever told you how my we love our hair stylist? We do, we really do. She listens to my girls and does anything they want. It is like therapy for the price of a hair cut. She is the one who gave me the encouragement to give Grace this amazing hair cut. I think spring has finally sprung. Which means that spider man is able to go to the play ground. It also means that the girls can collect creatures to bring home. Funny thing is I even had them ask the park ranger to see if they could. In hopes that he would say no. He sadly said yes. That’s okay because the next day dad took them fishing and they were able to return the creatures. Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters


Courtney Schulist said...

That haircut looks great on Grace.
Is it funny that my boys dont like bugs but Abby does?

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