Thursday, June 18, 2009

Faith cooking

I asked Faith what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. Her options were 1. I could buy one 2. I could make one or 3. she could make it herself. She got so excited to make it herself. So I set out all the ingredients for her and let her make the same chocolate cake I made last weekend. She even made the frosting from scratch, she made green icing for the chocolate cake and I made blue icing for the white cup cakes. She will ice the cakes in the morning. She is so excited and I am sure we will find food coloring all week


Amy said...

Homemade cakes are so yummy. I love making them for my kids birthdays, though I have to admit that I did Kroger this year with hubby being gone. Take a peek at my blog today and look at my twitter bar. Have you heard of OpLove? Keep them in mind next deployment!

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