Friday, June 5, 2009

I am a bad home schooling mom

Why you may ask, because it is June and this is suposse to be our only month off from school. But since we are not moving, since the kids are behind where I would like them to be we are working away. This morning we went out and had fun so this afternoon I am asking them to do school and man you would have thought I was asking them to clean toilets (oh wait, they would enjoy that). We do not know what the next year is going to bring and I do not want to fall behind in school. Plus they need practice and what else would they be doing besides playing on the computer. If I had kids who loved to read it would be different. So for now I will sign off as:
The worst, meanest mom in the world who is only making them do school to punish them.


My name is Stephanie said...

Oh, you're not mean! lol. My son will be doing math for 2 months still. He was behind on that. Besides, we never stop learning, right? :)

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