Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

What an amazing week. The good the bad and the ugly (being Robs leg and stomach). So here goes my not me Monday list. First I did not get all dressed up and put make up on for the first time in 8 months and then no one but my son notice. That would not happen to me because my husband looks at me closely and appreciates when I try to look nice for him.
I most certainly do not enjoy the fact that home health comes daily because it makes me clean my house; I would never say that because I know I should keep a clean house for my husband and family.
I did not spit mountain dew all over my laptop this week. I do not believe in spitting and would never do such a thing (remind me later to explain that one).
Okay this is bad, so please do not laugh too hard but
I did not discover a fish hook and line in my underwear after wearing them for a hour. Not me because I have taught my DD to check clothes for stains and such before washing them. And even if she did not notice, I would have noticed way before the hour mark.
I did not make a triple batch of strawberry muffins while cleaning the kitchen and getting three girls dressed. I also did not forget to add the sugar and baking soda. I did not do this and I most certainly did not waste 3 cups strawberries and 3 cups flours and 6 eggs and a large thing of yogurt. If I had done all of this then I most certainly did not forget to write down the name of the blog I got the recipe from.
I did not ask my husband to put the phone on speaker in the surgeon’s office so I would know he told her everything. Not me, because my husband tells me everything.
I most certainly did not miss the first love and respect class at church, I know how much we need this and I would not forget something so important.
I did not tell my husband he could have a quickie this evening because my show was on, I would never think before I could speak especially when I was talking about changing his dressing.
Okay last one, I most certainly am not taking hula classes with my daughters, and since I am not taking hula classes I would most certainly not pick up Grace and run her to the bathroom to change her forgetting that I did not have shoes on. That would be totally gross and I would not do that especially since we are trying to keep as many germs out of our house as possible.


Lori said...

let me guess, would that be Army Wives you were watching???

Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan said...

Thanks so much for visiting our blog today! I really enjoy meeting other bloggers.

A fish hook!?! How did you not notice?

We would love for you to enter our giveaway for a $20 gift certificate for a vinyl decal from Janey Mac.

Thanks again & God bless!
A Heart for Home

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