Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rob saw infectious control

Honestly, we kinda both thought it was a waste to go to infectious control today. Now we trully regret it. They told him he had basic staph and he has not had it terribly long. The thing that upsets me is the Doctor wanted to see the wounds so he asked him if he was going to change the bandages. The doctor told Rob they do not do that or have the stuff to do that. So he proceeds to take out the packing and then he puts the dirty packing back inside of Robert. Can you imagine that? The nurse said we really need to watch Rob for a few days to make sure he does not get another infection.
I wanted to take a minute and tell you we have had the best home health nurses. We have had the same one this week and last and she is so friendly. she answers my questions over and over. The kids love her, Grace wants to go home with her. She is so sweet to us and ask so many wonderful questions to make sure we understand everything. Even the weekend nurses are nice. I was so worried about it because I have had bad experiences with them when I had them for myself.
The pictures are just random. The first is Grace and Rob at chick fil a, the second is from yesturday. The girls are on his good leg. it was very special because they have missed being close to daddy


Amy said...

Hey girl -
Thanks for all of your kind comments. We are in a holding pattern right now while we wait for this and that to happen.
I'm a RN and would be happy to answer any questions regarding your hubby's leg. Fill me in on what happened!

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