Tuesday, June 16, 2009

botanical gardens

This is Armed Forces week in Huntsville so there are lots of fun things to do. This morning we took the kids to the Botanical Gardens. It was so much fun. They are doing an exhibit called Big Bugs right now which Hope loved. I loved all the flowers. They water sprinklers everywhere and there were lots of kids in bathing suits. I had to laugh because before we let the girls put on there suits they were playing in the water but as soon as they got there suits on they were done. We went into the butterfly house. Is says please do not hold the butterflies. But they had food you could put on your arm to encourage them to land on you. Hope missed that announcement because she was catching them out of the air. It was honestly cute. We really could have stayed a lot longer but it was hot and we could tell they were tired. We stopped and picked up pizza on the way home. We are home now and resting before we go to the soldier show tonight.


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