Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday morning 6am

What do you do on Saturday morning at 6am. I set in my chair and my precious blessing walks in and climbs into my lap and gets under the blanket with me. We have our every morning talk. How did you sleep, how do you feel, do you know how special you are to me, do you how glad I am that God gave you to me, and if it is a sappy kind of morning I will tell her thank you for fighting so hard to stay with us and for staying in my belly so long. I do not know why I always feel the need to do that. And the whole time she gives me sweet kisses and hugs and then she says mommy can I suck my thumb. When I remind her how yucky that is, she says okay. Then she ask me for a donut. So this is Grace eating her donut. She loves her donuts and as far as I am concerned she can eat all she wants.


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