Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

1. my friend Lori made it safely in town and we have had time to talk
2.that i have a husband who loves me and encourages me to stay home with our children
3. that my children are healthy
4. that my husband is feeling so much better
5. that i have friends i can call at any time if i need something
6. that we have money for bills and food
7. that my mom chose to carry me and then raise me as a single mom and that she worked as hard as she did in doing so
8. that i have a home, not just a house but a home where i enjoy being
9. that i live in a country that i am allowed to praise MY God in without fear (thanks in part to my husband)
10. that we serve a awesome God who continues to bless me daily even when i do not what i know i should be doing
11. that we have great health insurance and will not be paying for any of the medical bills with rob
12. that we have had the best nurses coming to our house who not only are patient with me, but patient with my children for asking so many questions
13. that i get along with my in laws and have a actual relationship
14. that i have a husband who will take the kids fishing and golfing and wants to spend time with them
15. that my husband has job security and we do not have to worry rather the next paycheck is coming in
16. that we have had all four churches we have attended in our marriage has been awesome and we have had wonderful people to look up to
17. that my daughter has been recieving birthday cards from a church we do not even attend anymore


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