Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

I was not tempted to visit a new church for the next 12 weeks just to here Grace’s favorite doctor teach on stewardship. I would not do this because I love to hear our Sunday school teacher teach every week and it would really mess with the kids to leave there classes.
I did not snip my husband with the scissors while taking care of his bandages, I would definitely play closer attention to him.
When I woke up and realized if I gave each child a poptart there would not be enough for me to have one I did not hide said poptarts. And since I did not hide the treat they had been looking forward to I most certainly did not find a ton of old snacks I had hidden.
I did not let grace put her bathing suit on so she would play in the bath tub and not make messes, I did not do this especially since she had just taken a 3 hour nap for me, I love spending time with my children and I know how much they crave that time alone when no one else is around.
I did not feel a since of happiness when I realized robs nurse was not coming on time and that meant he would not go fishing this morning, because I know how much he has been looking forward to this for the past month.
I did not send my not me Monday list to a friend during the week. She probably thinks I am nuts.
I did not talk to a complete stranger about how great my husband is because I was scared she over heard me talking to faith about his poor gift giving skills, I did not do this because I would never even jokingly talk bad about my husband to my daughter and if I had I surely would not be concerned about what strangers say.
When we needed postage stamps we did not look on the back of the kitchen chairs to find them. I feel like I have been cleaning for a month straight and surely I would not have missed the back of the chairs.
After my husband did not notice I got my hair cut, I did not trick my daughter into telling him by telling her not to, it really is hard to notice when I get it cut because it does not look different.
I did not put grace down for a nap in my room knowing there was a chance she would probably get into robs packing material, I would not do this just so the older girls would have more time to clean there room.
I did not spray my husband with saline instead of using it for what it is for, honestly it was the nurse’s idea, well at least she is the one who told me about how patient test out there supplies. Honestly it was a accident, but a fun accident.
I did not take robs saline spray and use it with gauze to wipe off his table that we store his supplies on. I know we have just enough supplies to do what we need.
I did not totally loose it and tell every child and my husband what I was thinking about there behavior. I am a grown up and I know how to act. I also respect my husband enough to know better.
I totally did not ignore my 2 youngest during hula so that I could learn the moves. I also did not allow Grace to set in a dirty pull up because I did not want to miss anything


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