Thursday, June 4, 2009

day 4, a crazy awesome wonderful day

Oh my funny, crazy day. I am beginning to think I have a weird life. Do things like this happen to anyone else? I woke up and did a run through of the house, which means made sure every room but the office was cleaned before home health. Made home made strawberry muffins. I actually made 4 dozen and froze a bunch. Home health came and left. I got dressed and then noticed that the top of my underwear was bothering me. Keep reading this is not rude. So I feel and there is something. So I look, you will never believe what I found. There was a fish hook and line attached to the top. The only thing I can think of, is that it was in someone’s pocket and it attached during washing. So rob decided we should go to target for new things for me, did I mention there was a hole in my sock. So we go to target and then we go wash Rob’s truck, where I totally freak out because I got it off track coming out of the wash and then it stalled on me. After I calmed down and vacuumed out his truck, we headed to Bridge Street to walk around. My awesome daughters convinced daddy to take them into the chocolate crocodile. As we were leaving I ran into the rest room and within a minute the lights went out. I wish there had been a camera to watch me try to find a light switch with my cell phone. It must have been using a motion sensor because it came back on. We came home and relaxed. Luckily we had no problems when we went to family Christian bookstore. Rob had never been there. I of course forgot the reason I went in and did not get the new Chandra Pierce DVD.

Michael has been struggling with some things. So a couple of weeks ago when I realized he had cut himself out of pictures I totally freaked out thinking he was thinking of hurting himself, we have had tons of talks about this and each time he looked at me like he was a alien. So tonight I was cleaning up my office and found one of my scrapbooks in there and opened it up and guess what I found, all the pictures of Michael that he had cut out. He was not cutting himself out of our lives. He had just started the scrapbook that I had not started with him when I said I would.

Okay one more thing. The nurse brought this special no hurt tape today that we have been waiting on for a couple of days. Earlier he said it was coming loose. Then about 20 minutes ago he came into the office and said I needed to fix it. So I start changing his packing and look at his face and realize he had not had a chance to take his pain meds. He did great but I do not recommend him trying it without pain meds again.

Over all it has been a great day, I am really enjoying having Rob around with us. And Rob understands why I want to get out of the house when he gets home and I understand why he wants to send me by myself. We do not have any big plans for tomorrow. A friend’s kids are coming over tomorrow evening but we will probably just eat hot dogs and relax. She in return is keeping our girls Saturday night.
Did you know tomorrow is national doughnut day at krispy kreme.


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