Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1 of a month off work

Today has been a good day. A busy day but a good day. We woke up and waited around for home health to call. She finally got here around 9am. She said I was doing well on robs wound care. She also said she thinks that home health should come out twice a day. The funny part about that is that before she got here I asked Rob if he just wanted me to do it because it was taking her longer than we thought and I was worried about his meds would wear off. Is that not too funny that I volunteered! Please know that I completely do not enjoy doing this. But I did not want him to be in more pain than necessary. So when she left I asked Rob would if he wanted them to come twice a day and he said No, he really would like me to do it. That made my day.
After she left we went to CID (crime investigation division) to turn in paperwork for the home health nurses to be allowed on post. Then we went to his work and turned in paper work. They were nice and I can tell they are trying to help him get a new school date. When we left his work we went to game stop so he could get a new Wii fishing game to keep him busy. Then we went to target and then stopped at Wal-Mart. Michael broke our microwave plate and we are trying to find a new one. Then we came home and rested. Then the girls and I went to hula class. I have to admit I am really enjoying the class. We came home and let the kids play in the sprinkler while Rob grilled Steak for dinner. By that time it was time for evening chores and now everyone is in bed. I have about 15 minutes before it is time for Robs evening dressing change. I do not think we have any plans for tomorrow. I need to make a couple follow up appointments for Rob and then I may take the bigger kids to the pool tomorrow while Grace takes a nap. I do have to get caught up on laundry and keep the house straight


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