Monday, June 29, 2009

family time, rob update

I am not doing a not me Monday because I want to list all reasons I have not been blogging. Where have we been, we have been laughing and playing games and cleaning out the garage, killing our tomatoes, laughing some more. there has been lots of fishing for rob and michael. we have even got school work done on most day. rob is healing well. he is hoping to be released from the surgeon tomorrow afternoon. this video is grace laughing, i love the sound of her laughing. you need to scroll down and pause my music first.
i have to say this has been a wonderful month and a hard month. i appriciate all the prayers and phone calls. we have really enjoyed spending time together. it has been nice getting to enjoy each other with no real time restraints. there has been plenty of time for things like sprinklers and going to the pool and going bowling and bike riding and going on long walks and feeding the ducks and other family things that we have not done in years together.


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