Tuesday, June 9, 2009

day 9

Woo, I am setting. I actually took a moment or a couple this evening. This is how my day went

Woke up, straightened up, got kids dressed, nurse came, took faith and hope to VBS, went to chick fil a for breakfast, took rob to dr, dropped rob and grace off at home, went to pick up girls, took them to lunch, went to piano (oops the piano teacher forgot to be home), came home crashed for a hour (while faith read to us and michael re wrote his school work), took girls and rob to library in next town, came home, rob took Michael to boy scouts, I relaxed for a hour. Made home made pizzas for dinner, gave girls baths and got them in bed (still not asleep and it is almost 10pm), cleaned up kitchen, decided to go ahead and make bread for tomorrow and cookies as a thank you for the VBS workers and for the friend whose house faith and hope are going to tomorrow, so I have bread in the bread machine cooking, the second tray of cookies baking, I will make at least 4 more trays before bed, so I am up for at least another hour (ouch, I meant to be in bed early). Ooh and I have clothes In the washer that I have to put in the dryer for tomorrow (I hope I do not forget), okay if I am going to be up then I will definitely go ahead and straighten the hallway and bathroom and our room. That way I will not have to worry about it in the morning. I also need to change Roberts dressings tonight. His wounds are looking so much better. There is no where near as many layers. Actually as of this morning we are not technically packing his stomach, we are just putting a wet 2*2 in it. We will see what the surgeon says tomorrow.

10pm, girls are still awake; Michael is on his way to bed, third tray of cookies in oven. Cookies taste so yummy.

Tomorrow our day looks like this

Wake up, finish any straightening I did not get done tonight, take girls to VBS, take rob to surgeon, come home and hopefully get that laundry put away, pick up girls at 4pm and then make dinner and go to church. Come home and change dressing and get kids in bed and collapse. Probably eat several more cookies No really I am sure there is something else going on tomorrow that I am forgetting


My name is Stephanie said...

Wow. You guys have a lot on your plate right now! Rob is in our prayers, as well as you.

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