Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 of recovery

Today has been as close to perfect. I slept in until 7am and then did a mad dash to make sure the house was in good shape before home health nurse got here. When she left we went to krispy kreme and then the farmers market and then we went for a walk around the park. When we got home the older three did school and Grace and Rob took a nap. This evening a friend brought her 3 kids over to play and while they were here playing dress up Rob and I played uno. Now they have gone home and the kids have helped get the house straightened back up and ready for tomorrow. While it breaks my heart that I know this is killing Rob I have enjoyed our walks and shopping and talking and playing games. It is so neat because Rob is home but he can not do anything so there are no expectations of a list for him to accomplish. There is no thought of he should be helping me out more. Because he can not do those things. The girls have been watching everything I do when I change Robs dressings. Actually Faith has asked to do it on her own. Tonight the girls sang to Rob while he was getting his dressing change. I missed the best song about daddy has holes in him to the tune of Jesus loves me. A wonderful friend brought us dinner tonight. It was perfect. I do not know why but I have not made rice in long time and she brought Rob’s favorite kind. And there is plenty of extra for tomorrow. Please scroll down and push pause on my music so you hear the girls sing. Also please excuse the basket of clean laundry behind the girls. And please excuse the fact that Hope is only in a towel and Grace is in her pajamas.


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