Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Faiths bday

My baby girl. Faith turned 9 today. Faith is such a special girl. I wanted to tell you a little about her pregnancy. At 6 weeks they told me she was not viable and I should have a D&C. I said NO, for 2 weeks I would go in for blood work and for two weeks they would tell me she was not growing and this was not a viable pregnancy. Finally one day her numbers doubled and we were okay. We found out we were pregnant when we were still living in Germany. At 20 weeks I went in for the ultrasound everyone looks forward to, the one that says if you are having a boy or a girl. I found out it was a girl and could not be more thrilled. But that afternoon I got the phone call. Rob was in the field and they called and said there was something wrong with your cord and you would not survive to 28 weeks. I will never forget that day. I will tell you more about that day later. They sent us to vandy for a special ultrasound and tried to convince us to have a amnio. I said NO. we were told you would be born, that as soon as you stopped growing they would deliver you. So for the next 15 weeks I went to the dr twice a week for ultrasounds and non stress test. They said you would probably be born with one kidney and with downs. On June 21, 2000 you were born. I went to the DR that morning and they said you had stopped growing and it was time. You were born weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. They questioned rather we had the right due date because you were so large for a 35 week. We just laughed because we knew your growth came from God. I will never forget taking you in for a ultra sound to make sure you had both of your kidneys.
Today you are a happy healthy girl. Faith loves to sing and dance and play dress up and lives for the day when she has her own room. You love American Heritage Girls and Awanas. You are taking hula dancing right now and loving it.
We had a simple birthday; we invited friends over for pizza. Honestly she could have cared less, all she knew was there was a box in the shape of a American Girl doll that she had been waiting for. After we ate and opened gifts the adults played uno attacko and the girls played dress up clothes.
On fathers day, which is Faiths actually birthday she served her daddy breakfast in bed. It was a wonderful breakfast of special K cereal and a diet Pepsi. Then she helped dad cook steaks for lunch and then iced cup cakes to take to choir to celebrate her birthday.

My ba


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Giving you an award girl! Stop by my blog later this AM to check it out! Working on the post now.

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