Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grateful Tuesday

My husband has been in the field for the last week. While I miss him I have so much to be grateful. First he has been home this summer and that is amazingly wonderful. Two he has done okay during this field problem. They have had a ton of heat issues requiring medical treatment. Third, he has been able to come home 3 times to shower and do work. Fourth, him coming home builds confidence in Tom that Rob goes away but he does return. That is great for if we ever have a deployment.
Fifth, my husband is on the downhill slump to this field problem.
I am grateful for my A/C because I know that not everyone has it.
I am grateful for friends who have been there for me through thick and thin.
I am grateful for friends who have given us clothes for the boys. I already have some winter clothes.
I am so grateful that my children are finally making friends. They love having play dates and I love having friends over.
I am grateful for a little boy who is walking and that I am his favorite person to walk to.
I am grateful for a little girl who loves to teach each her siblings.


Christina said...

That's awesome that your hubby gets to come home and shower. It was like this for us when we lived in Germany. Hope the field issues go better this week. 

imperfectmomma said...

Thats great that he gets to come home so much :) And hand-me-downs? Arent they the best?

trooppetrie said...

Someone asked me if I was offended when I was given hand me downs. I said no way, that is more money I can spend on something else

trooppetrie said...

Christina, I would love to visit your blog if you leave me a link

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