Sunday, August 7, 2011

Military Monday

Today it is on my heart to talk about something serious. Do you have your life insurance in place? Not just the military life insurance. Do you have a plan if that knock comes on the door? Do your parents and friends know what is expected from them? Do you know what your husband’s wishes are? Do you know where he wants to be buried, what does he want to wear?
For us I do not think we are totally prepared. We have bought our cemetery plots and already have them paid for. We have discussed in detail what he wants. I know he wants the Christian flag at his funeral too. He wants it hanging on the side. We did that at his dad’s funeral.
I know we all role play what will happen when there is a knock at the door. I know that I will want a few minutes to think before they talk to me. I know which Chaplain I want at my house. I know my husband wants a military funeral. I know I want patriot guard. I love the patriot guard. I know that I want certain people to help with my kids.
We are working on updating our insurance policies right now. I encourage you to make sure you have things talked through. Do not wait until they are deployed or on orders when it is emotional. Talk about it often.
Now, I know I have been talking about what if something happens to the soldier but I have another question. Are you prepared if something happens to you as the spouse? We often forget that something could happen to us. My hero knows what I want. He knows what I want for him after my death, what I want for my children.
Death is real and death is sad and I do not want any extra burden on my spouse or myself. Anything I can do now to make that time easier is what I am doing. Rather God gives me another 50 years with my spouse which I pray he does.
I am not advertising for USAA but they have been amazing with us and have answered a million and one questions.


Allison Ball said...

I am so thankful to you for posting this. My husband and I actually just talked about it not too long ago. Knowing the burial wishes for both of us and knowing the details is so important. Not the lightest of dinner conversation, but definitely necessary. I also won't do a funeral without the Patriot Guard. They are certainly angels on earth. All I know about the knock at the door is that the minute I open it I will probably fall to my knees, let myself cry, and start praying. Here's hoping none of us ever have to experience that. But if we do, at least we won't be worrying about their wishes, and that is comforting.

summerjobrooks said...

Your marriage tip and a link to your blog will be up tomorrow morning at 9am on my post!  Check it out...

BTW - love your blog!

Taylor @ said...

Great post, it's something I need to get in order. Love your blog!

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