Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously, I love having a place to be able to vent.
Seriously, waiting in line at bojangles for 35 minutes last month still makes me irritated.
Seriously, I am so excited about our family retreat.
Seriously having my husband and dog sick on the same day is not okay with me.
Seriously, I saw a dog go into our church tonight. I do not know why it shocked me so much, it is not like it is a big deal.
Seriously, I have cut way back on my mountain dew intake and it is not helping my head aches. So I think I should be able to go back on it.
Seriously this weekend is going to be CRAZY, I have a cookout, a pampered chef party, and a baby shower. AHHHHHHHHHHH, I will need a nap Sunday afternoon for sure.
Seriously, why can my teen not just straighten up and smile for a picture. It is not like I am asking him to give up something important. Just smile for a stinking picture. His kids are going to think he had a miserable life.
Seriously, the bathroom in our wal-mart smells amazing. Every time I go I remind myself to call the main company and tell them how good it smells.
Seriously, why is my life so boring that I am smelling the bathroom at wal-mart. Who does that?
Seriously, if one more sales person knocks on my door during dinner and ask me to buy meat or carpet cleaning I am going to scream.


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