Monday, August 1, 2011

Military Monday

What a week, my hero is in the field. It has been a long time since we have had a field problem. He left last Tuesday or Wednesday. I honestly cannot remember which day he left. He has been able to come home a few times just to shower and work on the computer.
They have had 200+ people get sick from the heat. I wish I could run out there and take cold lemonade and fresh baked cookies. I feel so bad for the soldiers. Some have air conditioning and some do not.
Please pray for our men and women this week who are willing to work in 100+ degree weather all over the world so you and I are able to be free.
Speaking of heat, is the heat affecting you and if so how are you staying cool this summer?


Sarah E. said...

That's rough! :(

I'm in upstate NY, it's pretty mild here, even for a summer. I think it got up to 90 for 2 days the whole summer long. However, it's been really dry. My garden died off, my grass in the front yard is dead (tried grass seed and it didn't work)'s just sad.

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